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Make real-time energy use information part of our environments, and people will respond naturally.



People respond to immediate, real-time information about their energy use.  If you have an electricity meter on the wall, or a catalog of windows left open by the door, or website that flags when everyone has left the lab, you will naturally be more careful and aware of your energy usage.  Let's close the information loop, so everyone knows how their actions affect the Institute's climate impact.  I propose getting lots of teams to make lots of real-time energy and climate information devices, appropriate to their own communities.  The best devices are more startups waiting to happen.

What actions do you propose?

Engage a large community of teams to build real-time devices to monitor energy usage and climate impacts.  Every living group and program should have at least one team, building a device intended to be used within their group.  The teams can pursue any idea and get support from Facilities to install it in their communities.  The best devices, as measured by both cost effectiveness and lasting changes in energy use, can be given support to begin a startup and scale the ideas up.