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Time to quit the architectural statements and monumentalism and take a planet preserving step...stop building!



New building projects typically bear a snazzy label, like LEED, or net zero  energy additions, but the surest way to contain emissions lies with the decision not to construct new buildings and parking garages.  MIT, like much of academe has been caught up in a vast building boom.  Much of the new space is for architectural statements, large atria with ill-defined purpose aside from grandeur.  All of this of course bears a heavy burden on our climate and sets a poor example.

What actions do you propose?

My proposal to place a moratorium on building and parking garage construction at MIT would be far more effective than proposals along the line of doing "one thing for climate."  Most of MIT's emissions are related to the buildings and the relatively new underground parking garages encourage driving in a neighborhood that has such wonderful walkability and transit.  I should hope that many MIT alumni would understand the value of exercising restraint in our own consumption and support downsizing our built environment.