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MIT alumni and students could use a helping hand from alumni with relevant experience in choosing a green career.



MIT does not provide specific resources for students and alumni looking to do well and do good by working in climate and sustainability related fields. MIT alumni can provide vital support and information to help students and alumni become aware of opportunities to work for companies and organizations that are actively and verifiably combating climate change. This can be done by enhancing the MIT alumni association’s career guidance offering.

MIT alumni can also help facilitate more active recruiting by such companies and organizations of MIT students and graduates by working with the MIT career office to bring these companies to campus.

What actions do you propose?

1. Create a network of MIT alumni dedicated to promoting green careers. Among other things this group would help with:

  • Coaching students on how to best prepare for a green career.

  • Create resources to help students and alumni identify green careers and employers

  • Assisting alumni in making career transitions

2. Enhance recruiting of MIT students by verifiably green companies, including:

  • Develop and circulate in advance of MIT career fairs a sustainability report card for participating employers. Distinguish between companies that are green but work in orthogonal fields (e.g. Biogen, Apple) and companies that are directly working on climate change relevant solutions (e.g. SunPower).

  • Identify companies and organizations that are especially impactful in reducing our future emissions (e.g. Tesla, Solarcity) and get them to recruit more actively at MIT.