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The oceans control our weather to a large extent. I believe the tecnnology exists to restore the polar ice caps and modify the jet streams.



As is well known, cold water is more dense than warm except close to the freezing point. It has been proposed that the strength of a hurrricane could be diminished by pumping cold water to the surface. To restore the polar ice caps, a string of pumps could be set up as winter approaches to cool the surface temp of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans so that more rapid freezing would occur. Similarly, el ninos could be dissipated if they were deemed undesirable or created by heating sea water to change weather patterns. After further study, this could be implemented quickly as an interim measure until the global effort to reduce carbon emissions is accomplished.

What actions do you propose?

Computer simulations need to be created to model the oceans isothermally over the course of an average year. The current freezing and thawing cycles would, or course, be incorporated into the model. The number and optimum location of the water pumps would then be optimized to create earlier freezing.

As a follow-on study, the effect of el ninos on the world's climate and the corresponding effect of cold pools of ocean water could then be determined.

Over time, it is recognized that this approach would cause a gradual warming of the oceans that would be counter-productive. However, it would buy time until the massive undertaking of creating new power generation techniques and modifying the habits of billions of people to create much-reduced carbon emissions could be realized.