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Towards a Pet-free Boston! by Compassionate Earth

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Because two German Shepherds use more resources just for their annual food needs than the average Bangladeshi uses each year in total



Everybody loves Fido.  But given the voracious increase in pet ownership over the last decade, it's time we band together as a community and give this issue the attention it deserves.

What actions do you propose?

We believe that, although it's imperative to scale globally, starting locally is the most practical method in demonstrating efficacy.  To that end, we encourage MIT Alumni to began working towards a pet-free 2035.  During that time, all existing pets will continue to be able to live out their lives in the comfort of their families.  However, at no point will breeders be allowed to expand their kennels/catteries.  In addition, we will work with local government to implement regulation to prevent the importation of pets from out-of-state facilities.

Together, we can make Boston and MIT both pet-free by 2035!