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Poor countries as growing are the biggest threats to the climate. If we help them to get the renewable energy, we can save the climate.



Poor or growing countries need energy to continue their growing. However, investment to the renewable energy seems to be quite expensive than the investment to the fossil-fuel power plants. Rich countries such as Norway or Sweden can invest on renewable energy because they have already finished their industrialization. But countries as in Africa, still have long way to go. We can not force them to keep the climate clean while they try to survive.However we can install renewable energy for the poor people for free. Besides, we can run them. In that way we can provide them free power for some basic needs such as light. With its reveneu we can give cash to the poor causing a boost to the economy. In addition we could provide internet connection for the public schools that will connect them with the rest of the world. Investment to the renewable energy would yield to numerous benefits.Firstly, poor people can have at least free lightning. Thus, parents could have more time with their children. Students would be able to study more. People could reach clean water sources easier an so on...Secondly, by selling the energy to the governments, we could give cash money to the poor people in the region. Thus they can spend money in the market and region's economy would grow faster. In addition sometimes it is better for the poor to give them money rather then other useful things such as food.Thirdly, we could provide internet at least for the schools. Today people can even study at university online via internet. By internet those schools will boost their knowledge. We could even connect them with a western school as its brother school to help them via internet.

What actions do you propose?

1. An organization must be founded to manage the investment. Governments, govermental and non-governmental organizations, global companies or rich people must be stimulated to invest on renewable energy for the poor people for free. 2. Aid organizations or newly founded energy organization shall make a research to determine on which renewable energy would be invested in which region.3. Related organization shall collect the money or organize the investment. For example Bill Gates foundation wants to install a solar power plant for a region in africa where 10000 people live. The needed parts of the plant could be produced in Africa if it was the cheapest way to get it. After installing plant, workers must be provided in the same region. In that way many families would get regular salaries. The reveneu of the plant shall be divided for the families in the same region so that they can have some cash even if the amount of it were small. Even, that small amount of money could make a great deal for them. We are talking about the poorest countries of the world. 4. Some amount of money shall be saved to provide internet for the schools in the region. I believe that internet is a great way to equalize the education opportunity between the poor and the reach. In addition, some succesfull schools around the globe shall be announced as brother schools of the region's schools. In this way experienced modern schools can share their knowledge with them via internet. Some of succesfull students shall be invited by rich schools in the summer term.5. Free energy must be provided for the houses or shops in the region. There are countless of benefits of it.As a result, we the richer people of the world must help to the poor to get a better life in the future. This must be our prior mission. We all humanity are brothers and sister, and we can not wait and see them starving or dying on the way of finding a better home. Let us make their towns better places to live. The only way for it is our being generous. Do not forget. We owe them for the things we took or for the technology we did not give...