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Net Zero is available now with off-the-shelf technologies. We challenge MIT: Lead to 100% Net Zero. Expert team and financiers are ready.



We are standing at a great inflection point in history, the age of Net Zero -- when buildings effectively power, heat, and cool themselves.  Multiple Net Zero commercial projects have now been completed using a combination of PV/GHP/EE/Wind/Battery technologies.  We also now have rapidly changing public opinion on Greenhouse Gases and Renewable Energy, a rapidly advancing "green bond" movement, rapidly advancing electric battery systems, and broad government support for Clean Energy.

In other words, Net Zero for MIT is a near-term reality with the right Leadership and Vision.

We at Net Zero Foundation have assembled a full team of Net Zero System experts and financiers ready to transform the MIT campus to 100% Clean Energy.  We have also filed a major grant application with the DOE specifically targeting MIT for a district Net Zero energy system.  This is a golden opportunity for MIT to establish itself as the undisputed leader in the global energy transformation to all Renewable Energy.  Our Green Bond financiers are ready to start now with the initial buildings going to Net Zero, as well as the MA Clean Energy Center offering significant up front support (up to $400K/yr).  There is absolutely no upfront costs or risk on MIT's part.  

We look forward to working together with MIT toward Net Zero.  There is no reason to delay.

As a biographical note, one of the founders of Net Zero Foundation is an MIT'81 alum.  He has said 'MIT displayed its leadership when the world needed it in WWII, and MIT should step up to the plate and lead again today to the fossil-free world.' 

Net Zero Foundation is a 501c3 certified scientific and education non-profit.  Please check out our websitehttp://netzerofoundation.organd give us your feedback.

What actions do you propose?

The key to transforming MIT to Net Zero is Leadership and Vision.  The technologies required are off-the-shelf.  Complete financing is ready to get going. 

The Vision -- To  understand the vast scale of change possible with Net Zero, see the intro graphic at  Net Zero will fundamentally change the world!  We approach MIT with our initial Net Zero Challenge because MIT can, if it chooses, be a true world leader toward the Clean Energy future.

President Reif -- MIT took an initial step in the Net Zero direction by publishing a goal of 32% Net Zero by 2030.  We challenge MIT to make that 100% Net Zero, not 32%.  We have the expert team and financier ready to start now.  Let us know when we can meet to move forward.

Fossil Free MIT -- "Divest the Campus".  The MIT endowment will follow as soon as they realize the ROI from Net Zero is greater than the stock market, and it's a guaranteed return.  'Invest in Net Zero now, get a guaranteed return forever, fix the planet, and make MIT the leader in Clean Energy all at once' -- that is an argument no clear thinking leader of MIT could possibly reject.  Is Fossil Free MIT ready to do something big?  Get in touch with us.  Together we can lead MIT to the fossil free future.

The Details -- Net Zero involves properly applying 5 key site technologies: PV (solar), GHP (geothermal heating and cooling, thermal batteries), EE (energy efficiency), Wind (where appropriate), and Electric Batteries.  Each of these technologies will reduce a building's energy cost, and combining them can bring any building's annual energy cost to $0.  Some of the Clean Energy needed may be generated off site, especially for urban projects, so long as that energy comes from clean sources like PV, Geothermal Power, Wind, or Hydro.

The MIT Net Zero System will include on-site electric and thermal renewable energy generation.  It will also ultimately include some Clean Energy from nearby and regional sources. 

Designing this "Clean Energy System" for MIT requires an interdisciplinary systems engineering effort.  Our team includes global experts in designing and installing each Clean Energy technology, and experts in the integration of those technologies to achieve Net Zero.

The Goal -- The secret to Net Zero on a technical level is in the quality of the engineering effort required.  There are to date very few people who understand how to put all the RE technologies together to achieve Net Zero on a large scale, and to date there has been no significant drive on a national level for widespread transformation to Net Zero.  Our goal at Net Zero Foundation is that this project with MIT will change that paradigm -- we hope MIT will become a true leader for Net Zero on a grand scale showing the world that Net Zero is doable now with good engineering.

The Cost -- MIT can convert to Net Zero at No Added Cost now and substantial savings later.  We have a financier ready to start now with Net Zero projects for MIT at absolutely no cost to the Institute, and the MA Clean Energy Center has indicated they may be able to provide near 100% rebates for the first 100 tons of GHP installed each year.  This is possible because Net Zero ends the existing outflow of funds for the fuel that drives the existing campus energy systems.  MIT has made some notable steps at increasing efficiency, but a constant outflow of funds is still required to fuel those systems.  As Net Zero eliminates those CO2 producing fuels, it also eliminates that cost.  The resulting cost savings is enough to completely pay for the Net Zero transformation. 

This is why the key is Vision and Leadership.  The current MIT expense for fossil fuel is tolerated at the current budget level, and institutional momentum would continue sending that money to the gas/oil companies forever.  The Net Zero "Vision" is that the same cash flow or less will transform MIT now to a carbon-free campus, with great savings in the future once the Net Zero systems are fully paid for.  Once this Vision is successfully conveyed to the MIT community, good Leadership will accept the Net Zero Challenge.

The extras -- There are also some "new tech" items (i.e., patents) our MIT'81 grad will share with whatever institute is ready to step up to the plate and lead to a Net Zero world. 

MIT -- We challenge you to lead the world to our Clean Energy future.  MIT can be the leader the world needs right now for the transformation to the Clean Energy economy. 

Join the Net Zero Movement!