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Jennifer Perron

Jul 14, 2015


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Dear Venkatesh, Thank you for being among the first to begin the proposal submission period for the Global Climate Action Plan contest of MIT's Climate CoLab. I am one of the Fellows for this contest, serving as a liaison to the CoLab, and here to answer any questions and provide feedback to help strengthen proposals. Fellows will also have a role in the evaluative phase of this contest. Thank you for beginning your proposal for a global climate action plan. It looks like you've begun to select the various regional proposals that you will use to combine into a global proposal; please continue to flesh out why you picked each regional proposal, and how they fit together substantively and globally to support your proposal on the use of radio media in the agricultural sector. Note that the regional contests are still ongoing, so new proposals may continue to be added for a few more days, until the contest deadline. Please continue to flesh out your proposal and describe how the various regional proposals can be effectively combined to create a global plan. Thank you for your contribution to the CoLab, and looking forward to see how you develop your proposal further.