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Vasco Da Silva Valente

Jun 9, 2015


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Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014 - THIS MUST BE SHARED!

James Cleland

Sep 10, 2015


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Is there any meaning to the use of a picture showing light pollution on the cover of your project? Do you know that lighting uses about 25% of all electricity . Most of it is wasteful uplight,glare ,overlighting and lighting  of spaces all night that are used a few minutes per week. Do you also know that lighting is growing at a rate of 5% to 7% per year? Do you know that light at night disrupts many species including humans . Check out the International Dark sky Association website for more information.


Ingo Weber

Mar 9, 2016


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Hey All,

Whatever we will do, we will need geo-engineering for we must get the Carbon out of the atmosphere no matter what and pronto!

We already have too much carbon dioxide and other GHG in the atmosphere. The limit for a safe climate has already been breached and we are very unlikley to make 450ppm without drawing down the carbon dioxide. 

Another fact to consider is that climate change is not our only problem (though the most acute as it amplifies all the other challenges we are facing). Waste, Pollution, Ocean collapse, Deforestation are all issues we are struggling with even without climate change.

Without sensible and rapid population control we will also not be able to avert ecological collapse.

Michael Minor

Jul 4, 2017


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For every force in nature there is an equal and opposing force to maintain balance. The one factor that has been overlooked since the beginning is devastating solar flares. Modern man has not been around long enough to scientifically witness these devastating solar flares and document them. It is the one factor that maintains the balance of CO2 and green house gases.

Sherly Huang

Oct 10, 2018


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