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Johnnie Buttram

Apr 25, 2019


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Dear Ekku Lehto,

I want to commend you on having the insight to recognize the significance of what I believe is the last prudent opportunity to neutralize our climate change dilemma.

Utilizing the almost unlimited potential of the deserts of our world should be at the forefront of every (THINK - TANK) discussion.

I have personally invested over 12 years into the "Big Gulp - Sahara" submission I posted to the Climate Co - Lab Geoengineering site September 4, 2017.

Ekku . . if "Big Gulp - Sahara" could help you and your team move forward in a positive way . . you have my permission to reference and use the findings of the "Big Gulp - Sahara" submission to help you and your team give the world an opportunity to save millions of lives!

                                                           Best regards,

                                                        Johnnie Buttram