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Need for energy is responsible for global warming. Creating a "Cold Battery" would solve the problems of global warming and energy.



How it works.
"Cold Battery" transforms heat into electricity through a series of transformations. First heat is transformed into light energy. The second transformation light is converted to a suitable absorption spectrum. Appropriate light is converted into electrical energy.

For each transformation, the efficiency ratio decreases, a type of compound interest rate. Some of the transformations require additional energy to implement the process. These peculiarities result in the amount of "Cold Battery" energy being obtained being very low compared to high weight,  high volume and high prise.

However, "Cold Battery" can be used as a stationary source of energy, as well as for cooling buildings and cold stores. "Cold Battery" are practically eternal. Despite the initial high cost of an investment, eternel life will help to get large accumulations in time.

I hope in time to improve the ratio of energy to "Cold Battery". After creating a working prototype, it will take time to optimize it and reach the right technological proportions in serial production.


Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

"Cold Battery" produces energy without releasing harmful greenhouse gases. Increasing "Cold Battery" energy sources will reduce the need for carbon sources such as oil, coal, natural gas, and so on.
Turning heat into electricity from "Cold Battery" can help keep cold in key locations on the planet, such as polar poles, glaciers, mountain peaks, and so on. This can help preserve the existing climate despite the increasing amount of greenhouse gas emissions from humanity.

Who will take these actions?

The high price and high-tech production limit the potential "Cold Battery" owners. "Cold Battery" will most likely be produced and bought by governments and large companies. After a while "Cold Battery" can also become local sources of energy for private property, ships or yachts.

Where will these actions be taken?

The building of a large number of "Cold Battery" parks can be used to cool strategic parts of the planet like Polar Poles, glaciers, mountain peaks and others.

What are other key benefits?

Although "Cold Battery" will only be owned by rich and developed societies, the overall climate impact will be beneficial to the entire planet. Reducing the effect of greenhouse gases and eventually balancing them through "Cold Battery" will preserve the existing climate of the planet.

In this way, "Cold Battery" will become a defender of the poor and backward countries from the consequences of the industrial revolution that created global warming.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Some of the key ingredients for "Cold Battery" are rare and expensive. Extracting and creating a large amount of "Cold Battery" can cause environmental contamination in the manufacturing process.

Creating a large number of "Cold Batteries" in inappropriate but economically advantageous locations can create areas with unfavorable living conditions (too cold).

Time line

"Cold Batteries" are practically eternal. Despite the initial high cost of an investment, this will help to get large accumulations of "Cold Batteries".
The high cost of the initial investment will be the reason for the slow entry into the world of "Cold Battery" during the initial period of 5-10 years.
After 15 years, "Cold Battery" will become a symbol of rich societies. "Cold Battery" will provide stable cheep energy and a favorable environment for developed countries.

During the period of 15-50 years, the "Cold Batteries" production (Rare raw materials) slurry will replace the gold reserves in the banking system.

What will happen after 50-100 years and how "Cold Batteries" will affect is a matter I can not answer.

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I'm working on creating a prototype of my ideas. I hope you can help me in the procurement of the necessary raw materials and components for realization and completion of the projects.