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Now we see 1 meter as constant and temperature as changing. Make temperature as constant and change length of meter and duration of second.



Make temperature as a constant. Water expands and contracts. Recalculate the length of meter. Make a distance between the earth and the moon as a constant. Light from moon travels at speed n m/s. Recalculate speed of light using new measurement of length (m).  As real distance between moon and earth constantly changes recalculate duration of second. Using new length of second recalculate all speeds. Now we divide one rotation of our planet into 86400 seconds. And we use the duration of second as constant on the whole planet. Poles make smaller circle than the equator. Now we use water as basis of meter and kilogram. We use second, meter and kilogram as basis for constants of physics to get electricity. We use grams to weight elements in periodic table. Carbon is 6th element in 4 column. Mole is based on carbon. Speed of light connects water (meter) with rotation of our planet (second). Now we use physics to get objects by changing dimensions. We use chemistry to get materials from other materials. And since we produce more and more objects we create waves in materials (water or H2O) which are the basis of our measurements. And as we use carbon as basis for measuring atoms which are the basis of electromagnetic waves carbon solidifies in the form of CO2. The solution is to change the gross measurements in the economy to bind object to the rotation of our planet and position of sun and moon. For that we have to start using three times in computer operating systems i.e. the time of time zone, astronomical time of the building where device is situated and time based on moon from one new moon till next. Recalculate the weight of products using new length of meter at the moment and place of accountancy operation. Recalculate distances between towns and make traffic signs and information boards electronic which shows relative speeds. As our measurements of length and weight will be aligned with sun and moon measurements of temperature will also change.


Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

  1. Create agency which monitors and regulates movement of air in man made structures globally. 
  2. Issue requirement for all time accounting devices and operating systems to register three times: Current, Astronomical with astronomical year and time of the place, moon time from one new moon to the next dividing rotation of moon into 360*240*30 parts.
  3. Measure the extreme of orbit of moon around our planet. Make it as a constant. Give it a name.
  4. Create new concepts of relative length and relative weight based on this name.
  5. Recalculate weight and length of products, distances between towns based on these new names at the moment of every transaction.
  6. Every event (repeating name) has it's cycle against planet's rotation of it's axis and rotation around the sun. Create desired weather forecast and look at events as waves which has name, speed, direction and amplitude. Every time we give a name we change direction of wave (from rise to fall and vice versa).
  7. Adjust time of transactions and reporting to speed or slow down events in the particular direction to match desired weather forecast.
  8. Every building is built according to drawing. Buildings trap heat or cold. Heat assumes the form of premises and escapes through walls, windows, doors in particular direction. Air escapes and comes in through doors and ventilation system. Show the numbers of drawing on the map with buildings. Show the temperature of air inside each public and commercial building. Change the direction of temperature of heating to match wave (rise or fall) in the atmosphere.

Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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