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Michael Hayes

Jul 26, 2016


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Hi Steve,

You may wish to look at the work of Dr. S. Solomon (MIT) concerning the temperature leveling as background. While see describes the reduction in atmospheric moisture as the mechanism, we also have to look at what happened during that time frame!  

During this time, China begun building massive numbers of coal plant which, in turn, spewed vast amounts of black carbon and sulfur into the air. Sulfur 'wets' black carbon in a way which opens the BC's surface to H2O. As such, it is widely accepted that this chain of events have drastically removed vast amounts of water (the #1 GHG) out of the air.  

However, this is a fools atmosphere as the build up of CO2 is triggering adverse biogeochemical reactions on a vast scale as does the BC and sulfur.

Best regards,