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Movement of Things in Buildings and towns creates waves that desturb atmospheric balance on the planet. Regulated ventilation restores it.



Nowadays buildings consists of many rooms and other premises which are active at definite timings and seven day week. There are defined processes happening at define time, defined words are used, certain things are kept at certain places and that emit certain waves. Things, people, water pipes, sewage pipes, gas pipes, electric field, internet fields connect buildings. Observe buildings, towns, economy around the world and activity in real time globally. Extend one movement across the globe in the direction of that movement. For this we need to create software which turns the globe in the direction of furniture, premises of buildings, streets and collect sounds at the crosses of roads in towns and countries. People, things, cars change the direction of their movement against the axis of the planet and then they connect places of stopping so creating waves in the air not parallel or diagonal to the axis of the planet and distort magnetic field of the planet. When we know the places and time where people, vehicles and things stop at the cross of roads in towns, premises in the buildings their directions against the axis of the planet then we can send data through the internet devices in the buildings that they activate certain premises in the certain order  and antennas of wireless communication emit certain waves i.e. connects certain locations and directions  so that their direction will neutralize waves in the air created by things and people getting into the buildings and by traffic in towns. Neutralizing is creating opposite waves in the air against the axis of planet rotation. This will work as regulated ventilation of the buildings. Hotter air moves into the building when the temperature outside is cooler and vice versa diagonally to the windows direction. We need to measure temperature inside the building and outside. This will work especially when there is no activity in the premises. When developed this technology would complement building's envelope.

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