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Put attention to empty space. Expand it to the moon. Change the length of meter. Recalculate all measurements. Created waves will lift heat



Set telescope to empty space between planet earth and moon at the height we want to lift the heat from earth. Measure the time light travels the distance. This will be new unit of time. Divide distance into 300 000 000 pieces. This will be new unit of length. We know the layers above the earth which trap heat, their temperature and their chemistry. Measure the distance between each layer and the surface of the planet using new unit of length and the temperature in degrees of Celsius. Show the image of the moon and how the telescope is constructed (dioptres of the lenses (times of magnification) and the distance between lenses) in meters. Change the distance between lenses and measure the change till the clear image of moon appears using new unit of time. Measure the changes between  lenses and their deviation from initial state (telescope was set to 300 000 000 units of length). Deviation of distance between lenses show the deviation of 1 m and 1000 kg. of water. When the temperature drops water contracts till 0 degrees of Celsius and then starts expanding. Register the sound level in the room of the telescope using new unit of time. When the sound increases the meter expands and vice versa. Show the regulated speeds of the traffic on the roads, speeds of gases and liquids in the pipes, recalculated measurements of electricity using new length of meter. At the places where there are electronic devices of measurement show recalculated pressure, volumes, speeds and measurements of electricity. When these measurements change the waves of sound and heat also change because absolute waves remain the same except their measurements. In such a way the heat of waves will be connected with the moon and be lifted to cosmos because time measurements are based on our bodies.

Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

  1. Set the aim for telescopes to lift a heat from the planet to the cosmos.
  2. Measure the distance between the surface of earth and layer in the atmosphere which traps the heat.
  3. Then take an image of moon with the telescopes and record sound level in each premise the telescope is kept. Adjust to the clear image step by step using new unit of time. With each step record the change of level of sound in the premises of the telescope. Calculate the percentage of change from initial sound level.
  4. Recalculate the length of meter and change the measurements in all electronic equipments in the oposite side of the planet from the place the telescope measures the change of sound.

Who will take these actions?

governments will set the goal of measurements to lift the heat from the planet to the cosmos. Metrology services will create software and hardware which recalculates duration of a second and length of meter needed to create waves which are connected with space and moon instead of water and rotation of a planet. All telescopes involved in the project will be set to the calculated height to which the heat should be lifted. All electronic devices will use new length of meter as basis in the measurement equipments.

Where will these actions be taken?

developed countries

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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