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Antennas of 2G/3G/4G wireless network produce lots of waves of different intensity in a very short time and connect different directions



Antennas create waves of different intensity very rapidly. And these waves are transformed into sound and changing colors at different places. We can create a map which shows antenna and mobile device and put this map on the map with weather forecast. And then we can develop algorithm which will delay some data package and skip ahead other. At first we need to create software which shows astronomical time of the antenna and the mobile device.

The internet core computer which assigns IP addresses to devices should choose such route for data that it activates and connects devices to create waves to mitigate weather.

Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

1. Create a software which shows astronomical time of the device beside the time of the time zone.
2. Create a software which creates a map of all mobile devices connected to antenna and their locations and direction from antenna and the axis of the planet.
3. Create a map of all internet servers and their IP and their activity in real time.
3. Put these maps on the map of weather forecast.
4. Develop an algorithm which sets the priorities for data in the row to be sent through antenna and IP addresses.

Who will take these actions?

All  OS developers will create software showing astronomical time of the device. Governments will issue requirement to show the time of the time zone and the astronomical one on each device and cash check. Universities will create a software to map all devices connected to antenna. Business will create algorithm for setting priorities to data to be send through antennas.

Where will these actions be taken?


What are other key benefits?

Mobile phones connect two people in different places. By delaying or speeding data transfer we can reduce or increase anxiety of mobile users.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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