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Slow down rotation of the planet to cool it down.



Temperature of earth rises because the number of waves increases. There are so many measurements these days. When the intensity of waves in any substance increases the temperature of the substance rises. We use water as basis of measurement of weight, length, temperature, and electric measurements. We measure time according to planet's rotation. 1 s = 1 cycle / 24 / 3600.
A second is the basis of all measurements. We need to slow down the rotation of the planet and then it will cool down. Our bodies unconsciously feel the planets rotation and our mind lives on measurements. So to change the speed of the mind we need to create virtual number of rotations per second. When virtual rotations of engine or the speed of computer clock increase a second appears shorter and vice versa. So create software which shows global map of electricity supply with calculated virtual rotations per second of every electric equipment and every computer to even the weather on the planet. Then create the ability (software) of computers worldwide to physically adjust the clock speed to projected one. Weather is a whirlpool. So are computers. Computers are made of the semiconductors which emit heat. Different parts of a main board of a computer emit heat. They create a whirlpool of heat like a building or a town. We use ventilation to cool a computer. We need software to simulate heat of a main board and then create software which simulates electricity supply to a computer heat in the hardware software simulating weather forecast for a building computer is kept software which chooses the speed of ventilator and ventilation of the premises software developers and users sleep.

Make a distance between planet earth and moon as constant. Then divide it into 1 meter. Since the moon rotates in eclipse the length of meter will change. And then we can recalculate duration of a second. 

Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

  1. Create a global map of generators of electricity and their speeds (rotation per second).
  2. Create a global map of computers connected to internet and their clock speeds.
  3. Create a global map of electricity supply from the place of generation of electricity to computers.
  4. Compare actual weather forecast with the places and speeds of computers and electric power generators.
  5. Simulate desired weather forecast by changing speed of weather events by speeding or slowing rotation of the planet i. e. length of the second.
  6. Recalculate virtual speeds of electric power generators and computers clock speeds
  7. Simulate path of power supply from power generators through wires to computers.
  8. Create a map with recalculated virtual speeds to slow down the planet

Who will take these actions?

First universities need to test such idea. Governments and electricity generating companies should create a map of electricity generation and computers with their clock speeds and a software measuring heat of different parts of computers running at public workplaces. Engineers should create the ability of computers to change their clock speed. The world meteorological organization should create a weather forecast map and put it on a map with electricity supply for computers and ventilation of buildings computers operate in and developers and users sleep.

Where will these actions be taken?


What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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