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Utilizing Earth's excess of GHG, begin the process of Terraforming Mars.



Incentivize Power plants and large factories to capture a percentage of their GHG.  Transport the GHG to a launch facility via the nations extensive and efficient rail system using existing fleet of gas containing rail cars.  Load GHG onto massive rocket bodies.  Vertical Mag Lev, Hyperloop or Rail gun rail system drives the rockets to sufficiently high speeds as to make with the assistance of small booster rockets escaping Earth's gravity possible.  Autonomously pilot rockets destined to impact Mars releasing their GHG payloads, by doing so building an atmosphere.

Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

Construct a Heliostat solar tower as a means to provide the massive electricity needs in an environmentally sustainable way.  Engineer and construct an electricity based vertical launch facility specifically designed for accelerating GHG rockets that minimize the demands of booster rocket needed to break free of Earth's gravity.  The rockets now in space having been fitted with ion propulsion or a more conventional means begin the trip to Mars.  Having in advance picked a suitable location to crash the now missile bodies releasing their GHG payloads in as tightly grouped manner as possible, making gathering the metal debris necessary in the future to build equipment as efficient as possible.

Who will take these actions?

The U.S. Government would build and control the Mag lev launch facility.  The Solar tower could be either government or private sector controlled.  The government would be in control of the incentive program necessary to bring private companies compliance in regards to GHG capturing.

Where will these actions be taken?


What are other key benefits?

Reduction of GHG in Earth's atmosphere.  Increase of GHG in Mars atmosphere.  Learning how to reliably and cost effectively launch crafts into space.  Crash debris would be a useful source of Steel and other metals when people land on Mars reducing the need for mining.  Stepping stone to Mars colonization..  It wouldn't require business or people reduce the dependence on fossil fuels or change in any way currently.  It would be a new job creating industry unto itself.  It would allow for testing new propulsion systems without the time constraints that come with sending humans across space.  A GHG sequestering method that would inspire the American public to rally behind in a similar manner to the space race as it projects our will and ingenuity onto another planet.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Billions if not Trillions.

Time line

If there is a public will I could envision a five year ramp up but more likely a decade.

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