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I.m. Inventzilla

May 14, 2015


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The survival of the human race might be at stake and the survival of civilization and the world economy is at stake also. This geoengineering project will defuse the methane ice time bomb. Testing should begin at once. Funding research on methane ice and ways of preventing it from melting is essential, since it will give the world time to reduce CO2 emissions. I favor this project.

Vasco Da Silva Valente

Jun 10, 2015


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Only some stressed and crowded area of the world are getting warmer by greenhouse effect. NOT THE POLE, and certainly not adding chemical in those areas.

Im Inventzilla

Jun 18, 2015


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The north pole has no ice in the summer and the ice cap is two thirds thinner than it was 30 years ago during the winter. Siberia is on fire from methane explosions. I dont think you are living in the present if you say the arctic has not warmed up and seen a lot of melting.

Aaron Davis

Feb 17, 2016


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2 references showing super cooled water and extension of fast ice (ice attached to the bottom and sides) when insulating ice is removed naturally as in a polynya or by artificial circulation from nearby water surfaces.  These openings improve the ecological habitat as well as 4th power law radiation to the atmosphere and to space, and thereby inhibits heat build-up that melts methane/ice deposits. 

These open water areas also create navigation channels to support economic growth and human advancement.  Please consider supporting

Shipping to Radiate 7 ZJ to Space