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To save water by stopping the sun's evaporation, by covering the surface of ponds, with silver ping-pong balls.



Fresh water being stored in open ponds or reservoirs evaporates to a large extent. So reducing the available water for people, animals and irrigation. This possibly could be reduced by a surface covering of silver ping-pong balls.

I think this will have a huge benefit to the water available. This also may have some spin offs that less water may be needed to be welled and hence more underground water may be available for trees. In time this could give shade for smaller plants.

An additional and very important benefit could be that it makes the lifecycle of the mosquito harder, thus reducing Malaria in certain places.

There is a very important possible improvement to the quality of the water, that as the water does not evaporate the increase in salt will not happen. Hence land poisoning by salt won't occur as has been the case in many hot countries with only small amounts of rain.

I believe that this would not have an effect on fish either, so being eco-friendly.

The extent this evaporating can be prevented needs testing, as I live in the U.K. the temperature is not high enough to do this. So I need somebody in a hot country to do this test.

As this is very cheap to try and could change the lives of a huge number of people with more land irragateable safely, I believe it should be tried.

What actions do you propose?

I need a partner in a hot country to test this. Then, following the test, charities, the UN and the word bank could roll this out worldwide.

A development program for much bigger reservoirs might yield climate changing level of water saving.

Who will take these actions?

1. I will require assistance to find a suitable partner

2. Following a successful trial a roll-out with the support of charities

3. Scientists to develop the scaling up of the project


Where will these actions be taken?

1. A hot country to trial

2. Worldwide potential

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

1. The better use of water and the reduction in land poisoning by salt.

2. More underground water for trees. Hence slowing the reducing of the green canopy of the world, which absorbs co2!



What are other key benefits?

1. Better quality drinking water.

2. Reducing land salt poisoning

3. Reducing the incidents of Malaria

4. More water for agriculture



What are the proposal’s costs?

To test, maybe under $50 USD to install the costs are dependant upon the size of the pond or reservoir.

Time line

1. To test a mater of a few days

2. To install, getting the balls to site and spreading out, a matter of minutes.

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