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Manohar Lal Baharani

Apr 27, 2015


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Energy Conservation - awareness _ would like to read more on "what actions you propose"?. GDP is global bench mark. Any breakdown suggestion?. Base line formation? And many more open ended issues of concern in the implementation of creation of appropriate awareness documents.... Bests. Manohar

Dustin Carey

Jun 3, 2015


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Hi Ganapathi, Thanks very much for your proposal. Energy efficiency is indeed an important tool to reducing fossil fuel use, and presents among the most apparent win-win options in reducing GHG emissions. The International Institute for Sustainable Development is involved in a project evaluating novel attempts to spur successes in international climate negotiations, and one of the proposals being looks at is supplanting the current structure of "This country pledges to reduce emissions by this much by this year" with a menu approach of specific options a nation may pledge to adhere to. One of the most prominent on that list is energy efficiency standards. (The briefing note for this project should be released soon). I'm interested in any specific ideas you had to spur adoption of energy efficiency initiatives. Are there specific ways of framing their adoption that you think would be more successful than others? Best regards, Dustin Carey