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Jeff Harti

May 5, 2015


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Hi Harley, Thank you for your proposal. It seems that power-producing exercise machines are growing in popularity, at least in some niche applications: I would appreciate more specifics about your proposal, who would implement it, where, etc. Also, I question the feasibility and desirability of 'requiring' a t.v. to be powered by a stationary bike. Perhaps you can consider revising this part of your proposal or providing additional explanation. Regards, Jeff

Dustin Carey

Jun 3, 2015


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Hi Harley, Are you trying to take the Netflix/beer/pizza combo away from me!? In all seriousness, exercise-to-electricity devises are a fascinating innovation, and may be able to help continuously provide that incentive to exercise which tends to fade after a few weeks of making the resolution. I'd like to see your estimations on how the electricity-generating component would influence the price of exercise bikes compared to ordinary stationary bikes. Best regards, Dustin Carey Catalyst