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Energy Supply 2015

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Mar 6, 2015 08:00 EST - Jun 14, 2015 12:00 EDT
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Jun 14, 2015 12:00 EDT - Jul 1, 2015 12:00 EDT
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Aug 3, 2015 12:00 EDT - Sep 13, 2015 12:00 EDT
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Sep 13, 2015 12:00 EDT
What initiatives, policies and technologies can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation?

Fossil fuels constitute the largest share of the world’s total primary energy supply today. Fossil fuels are also the most consumed fuel type for electricity generation worldwide. As a result of this, the electricity generation sector is the world’s single largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Globally, policy efforts are being made to increase and improve access to electricity supply. Given the electricity generation sector’s reliance on fossil fuels, this increase has also led to significant GHG emissions growth. How can we most effectively minimize emissions from electricity generation around the world, while still enabling the sector’s growth?

29 Proposals
Distribute Plug & Play solar panels to home owners, and apartment renters to make clean energy on site where you use it.
Synthetic fuel produced by solar harvesting ships can accelerate the transition to renewable energy by obviating an infrastructure overhaul.
Thermal power-plants to increase efficiency by radiative heat-transfer for cool-matter decomposition into plasma; enabling direct conversion
Proposing Space Solar Power as a viable solution for global clean energy based on design of reusable space launch system.
Solar updraft chimneys convert warm air to electricity. Solar-heated warm air can be incredibly inexpensive with zero environmental issues.
Development of a licensing process for advanced nuclear reactors will enable the rapid deployment of GigaWatt-scale clean nuclear energy.
Establish new financial instrument to help developing countries phase out fossil fuel subsidies.
We must increase the understanding of fast nuclear reactors so there will not be such great opposition to their use for zero carbon energy.
Reduce your electrical energy consumption, carbon footprint and also your expenditure through the minimize calculator tool/application.
The STEM needed to radically expand the production of CO2 neg. energy, reclaim water and manage nutrients supports the RCP 2.6 metastrategy.
The Intergovermental Marine Bioenergy with Carbon Sequestration (IMBECS) Protocol Addresses Multiple GHG Issues via Carbon Negative Fuels.
Promoting a behavorial response to conserve energy while making it fun and engaging for urban Indians
To drop a pipe in the deep ocean. To electrolysize water into gases. To catch these gases in buckets and use the lift to produce electricity
Data from 60 years of fusion research lies dormant in the journals. Collectively, we do not understand it. This project aims to change that.
"Seeking the sustainability of supercritical fluids that may be found in uncharted waters!"
Retiring street lights in the U.S. could save 5.2 billion kWh of electricity annually, saving municipalities $572 million.
An insulated thermal mass oven to trap heat produced within it. Approaching 95% effecienty, thus allowing it to "coast" on the latent heat.
Middle Eastern energy supplies are typically associated with oil although recently thermoacoustic energy was discovered.
Align recycling and biomass to energy programs to replace incinerator inputs with local biomass.
Innovacion y creatividad par aun Desarrollo Sostenible
One sure way to solve the climate change problem is to solve the world's energy problems. I've developed a system of logic to do just that.
Individual renewable energy sources productivity is subjected to Nature. To achieve control, there must b convergence in Renewable Energy.
The QZE is the alteration of the progression of time as a result of the rate of observation. Relativity demands a curvature of space.
Requiring a tv to be powered by a stationary bicycle would not only be good healthy for the inhabitants of the earth but for the earth.
Countries like US and China are taking more energy yearly compared to Denmark, U.K.etc. for a product manufacturing or service extending.
Clean electricty from renewable sources should be bought by the local utility provider at the same,(retail rate)as it is sold.
A retirement fund that constructs global generic nuclear reactors to secure financial returns and avoid dangerous levels of climate change.
Increase efficiency of electric plants with electrolysis of water.
Space Solar Power