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Might be unrealistic regarding volunteer organization time.

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Judges' Comments

Great idea! Nothing works like peer pressure :-) Hopefully there are many homeowners who are passionate about environment, and live by their ideas, and are willing to share with neighbors. It looks like you have already done quite a bit of planning and coordination. It's great that the city is picking up the tab!

A few thoughts to share:

1) Two people on the city council might be of help: Matt Applebaum who lives in a small footprint house and I wonder if he may be willing to share; Jan Burton who runs RhinoCubed tiny house company, maybe she has a local client who would be willing to showcase their tiny house. It would be interesting to see a tiny house included at some point (not necessarily for the first year).

2) Have you talked to Boulder Green Home Tour ( There’s a potential to share knowledge and resources and possibly homes for the tour.

3) Regarding homeowner’s concerns about inviting strangers into their home: how about leaving the invitation to the homeowner, and any additional invitation to be pre-approved by the homeowner?

Judges' comments:
Showcasing success is always a good choice. Currently the proposal is for 1-day events. The project would be more impactful if these showcase events were spotlighted in ways that could engage people for longer periods of time. Are their ways you could build on line maps of showcase homes and other types of activities that would help to extend the impact of 1-day events?

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Micah Parkin

Mar 14, 2016


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Thanks for this good feedback! 

1) Spotlighting City Council members and other prominent members of the community is a great idea.

2) Yes, we're coordinating with people who have been involved with Boulder Green Home Tour (via Snugg Homes' David Adamson) for good locations.

3) Yes, and your comment also made me think that we could have volunteers in the home making sure to keep invited guests to areas approved for the public to access.

Comments: Yes, online maps with specs about the home's fossil free features with info about business/nonprofit providers who helped the homeowner accomplish the various sustainability achievements would be a great way to keep the project accessible and informative for people who couldn't attend on the day of the event.

Thanks for these ideas and for being an evaluator!


Micah Parkin

Mar 14, 2016


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Unfortunately, even though I'm signed in (and have signed in repeatedly), the system will not let me update or edit my proposal. So hopefully my comments above acknowledging our intention of incorporating the evaluator's input will be noted.

Thank you!