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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

While the individual components of the project are compelling, all together they seem to lack clarity and impact. This project spreads the soil too thin and could use to be taken on in smaller, more feasible projects. I recommend starting with one of the many aspects, building that project out and engaging with partners on a collective vision and agenda around soil. 2.

Seems too dependent on volunteer efforts and a lot of organizations coming to the table.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

Judges' Comments

The intention of this project is clear and valuable.

This is a strong proposal, grounded in the work of an established organization with a broader network that would make the local actions resonate more globally. Given this, it seems both plausible and potentially quite impactful.

To revise/address:
For those not familiar with the potential of soil sequestration, the proposal would be stronger if at the beginning there were a clearer, simple explanation of what exactly this sequestration consists of, and how much impact (locally? globally?) Boulder could expect to have with this technique. How much, for instance, would this contribute to the city's efforts to reach carbon neutrality?

Would also like to see more details about the "Expansion To Other Regions" -- how will this be done, and what further resources will be required?

Implementation-- some challenging organization and educational steps are required to reach this goal. Also, how will volunteers be incentivized?

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