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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The project organizer seems too stuck in a specific theme for their design and does not provide a budget.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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Judges'' comments

This sounds like a great project to increase climate change awareness and get more people engaged. Branding and murals would certainly be a boon for climate-related organizing in Boulder.

However, this proposal would benefit from polishing on a number of levels. Please address the following in your revisions:

1. Perhaps create the design(s) by running a city wide, or school district wide, competition. That would help spread the words and ignite interests.

2. It can be one of the Roots and Shoots projects ( that one of the BVSD schools can take on.

3. There needs to be a project cost estimate, as well as how you imagine them being covered -- this, too, can be an opportunity for creativity. Perhaps corporate sponsors, like Google.

4. How would different kinds of organizations and community members fit into the proposal? How the unified branding and artistic work would strengthen what they are doing?

As it stands, the lack of specifics like this in the proposal, and a clear sense of the outcomes, may make it difficult for potential stakeholders to rally around it.

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Denise Chamberlain

Mar 13, 2016


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Thank you! I am delighted that this proposal has been selected as a semi-finalist and am especially tickled that art has been chosen for its unique and special power to influence, inspire, educate, and call to action. 

In response to your thoughtful comments, I offer the following:


  1. Perhaps create the design(s) by running a city wide, or school district wide, competition. That would help spread the words and ignite interests.  – Running a school-wide or city-wide contest would, yes, advance our goal of educating our community, and that is a very popular, successful method for this type of call to artists. My vision is larger in scope; to link Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” theme to Children of the World – given that future generations are the ones to whom we are leaving this world, and our actions as individuals, communities, and nations affect our global community. By partnering with Disney and leveraging their global reach and brand recognition, it would immensely facilitate our goal of creating impactful murals that further everyone’s awareness around climate change.


I am especially inspired by this possibility because my Great Aunt, Mary Blair, Walt Disney’s friend and a favored artist, created all of the original artwork for It’s a Small World for the World’s Fair in Chicago. While Disney retains the copyright to the It’s a Small World theme, my family retains the copyrights to the artwork. I believe partnering with Disney for this important project is a distinct possibility, however since this project is in the conceptual stage I have not yet approached them for approval. However, I do have access to copyrights for much of Mary’s art and can use those designs, or we can create our own. This proposal is open to all design options.

2.   Roots and Shoots – I agree that Jane Goodall’s youth-led program would be an excellent partner and resource for implementing murals all over the world. Roots and Shoots is currently established in 130 countries – that’s a good start.  =)   However, I would like to expand the call to artists to include more than just young school children. I imagine this project going beyond the usual school systems (who, frankly, already have some access to organized art projects) to include special needs people, elderly, and community members who may or may not identify as artists but would like to participate.  Business leaders, political leaders, home-schooled students, and the incarcerated are other bodies that could derive benefits while soliciting exposure for the Children of the World project.

   Your comment mentions BVSD. Working with children to create the murals is included in my original proposal. I realize we want to start somewhere, and I certainly don’t want to exclude our local kids as a resource. This proposal is inclusive of children, and seeks to cast the net far and wide beyond that demographic.


3. Funding

Cost Calculation:  Yes, we do need to put a dollar amount on this project and identify resources. The factors which will influence this include the location, condition of the surface to be painted, whether it is interior or exterior, and what surface prep and paint supplies will be needed. Then, we must factor the amount of design detail and the time it will take to create. An estimate for production has so many variables that I hesitate to offer a fixed number, but I understand the committee needs a place to start. A reasonable calculation begins at $15 per square foot for supplies, equipment, and artistry. That said, once a location and design have been selected, I have great skill and experience at calculating a project budget and adhering to it. Bottom line, there is an original cost for a local and original design, and then a secondary budget for taking this project worldwide.


How to finance this gig:  I see corporate partnership and sponsorship playing a big role in Children of the World. Many major corporations worldwide have programs that support green initiatives, and I believe many would welcome the opportunity to have a wide-reaching, well-organized program such as this with which to partner as both a financial supporter and participant. I see all kinds of corporations being on board, from well-established green companies like Google and Whole Foods to some of our worst-offending corporations hoping to improve their brand reputation. Partnerships may consist of corporate teambuilding events, where organizations use mural painting as a way to bond and expand their company culture and sense of community through art.


FURTHER Funding – I also propose that we introduce legislation to the Colorado House of Representatives that 3% of revenue from marijuana sales be earmarked for climate change action. I believe Jared Polis would be an excellent advocate and sponsor of this bill.  There is precedence in the state’s 2% art funding in all capital building projects–another excellent place to solicit funding for this project. 


LASTLY – I suggest we reach out to Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who gave a powerful, important speech at the Academy Awards on the imperative of action for climate change. He would be an excellent spokesperson for this program of global art. While we wouldn’t necessarily solicit him for funding, having his name attached to C3 and the Children of the World project would elevate our plans and attract global attention.


  1.  How would different kinds of organizations and community members fit into the proposal? How the unified branding and artistic work would strengthen what they are doing?


As I have outlined in the proposal, the whole purpose of this project is to identify entities working with climate change, and link them to community members looking for a place to connect and, ultimately, act. Program components include an invitation to organizations and entities working for climate change, an assignment of identifying visual icons, and a visual key, e.g., web address, QR codes or signage, to facilitate connection of resources and actions.


One last note: Today I am in China on a dream excursion. I am excited by travel and so inspired by the things I see and learn. Everywhere I go I see small, but important efforts by the people of China to act on behalf of the planet in ways that inspire me as an American and global citizen. As I move through the city of Hangzhou, I see skyscraper apartment towers completely draped with laundry hanging out windows and off of balconies, drying in the sun. I see composting and recycling bins on the bustling public streets, and business people hurrying along with their re-usable drink mugs. Electric scooters glide down every alley and highway. Yet smog is so thick I can’t see the blue sky. The people here are clamoring for solutions, and are already taking action to the extent that they can. These people with rich roots in art are ready to do more, if only they can be connected with options for action. Public art murals adorn every community here, and tell a story to connect people of all demographics. With Children of the World, we can be a part of that.


Thank you for your support of this proposal. I realize it is ambitious and unique. I am an artist – this is the way I relate to the world, and this is how I can help.