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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Your proposal represents a bold vision with many parts. There appears to be a conflict in serving as a connector and bringing people together to work and study permaculture. It is unclear how you would fulfill these two big and sometimes conflicting goals. 2.

I think they are underestimating the labor costs associated with the event organization activities. Very much like the effort to connect like-minded groups and individuals.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

Judges' Comments

Grand vision w/ online forums, workshops, events

Could be value in connecting online and offline activities in a single platform

Like the crowdsourcing theme

Web-based solution

Other collaborative tools and platforms pre-exist

Cross-disciplinary collaboration can be a challenge


Pick one niche area and one community, to launch, and then scale out. Start small... then grow.

Continue to refine website design.

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Eliot Kersgaard

Mar 14, 2016


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Summary of proposal revisions since first submission:

All sections of the proposal have been significantly revised for clarity and with more specific content.

To address judge’s suggestion of establishing presence in a specific niche in order to expand:

We have established partnerships with two outside organizations: the Permaculture Action Network and Solutions Voyage. This also helps remediate the challenges involved in facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration, since these projects require the coordination of many stakeholder groups. Additionally, by expanding our offerings into adjacent niches we will reach increasingly cross-disciplinary and disparate communities.

To address the challenges of the pre-existence of other online tools and the suggestion to improve website design, we have implemented the following website improvements:

1) More groups, new graphics, profiles and commenting, and project listing capability.

2) The platform is approaching the social media capabilities of Hylo, while offering the unique value of serving as a sortable and pre-categorized database of events, groups, and projects.

3) Expansion of the team's web development skills to allow for more rapid platform development

Next steps for platform: Continued development to allow for specific resource and skill offerings to be shared in order to facilitate Permaculture Action Days; ie, organizing volunteers, skill sets, and physical materials needed to execute community action projects. To see these updates as they are developed, you can check