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Algae Frame to handle Global Warming. This differs from other approaches,its simple and more efficient but requires government support.



Algae Frame
1) Algae is simple plant that can be grown easily.
2) Using a frame, we can grow the algae. The base of the slider can be a thin layer of any rock or a wood, which helps in the growth of the algae.
3) The frame can be fixed easily, to wall, to boards, or a container truck.

The idea is to have a mobile / superimposed forest set up using any small plants which does photosynthesis at various places.

  1. Industrial plants (Petroleum, manufacturing industries, Where pollution is more.)
  2. Offices Buildings (Where a big banner can be decorated, or certain floors can be used to harvest the plants, where there is adequate sunlight,rains).If we bring a rule that every office should implement this for an floor, with so many building around, still we cover a lot of area.
  3. Moving vehicles like Carrier trucks, and trains (where the frames can be fitted and removed easily) This frames can be removed and installed during the service period of the vehicle.
  4. Sides of Houses / Residential area


The idea seems to be clumsy, when it gets implemented on the sides of the house or an building. but if it is designed properly it makes a huge difference, every sq cm counts, as the say goes droplets of water creates ocean, installation of frames has a huge impact in the climate as we are creating thinly populated distributed superimposed algae forest. 

I believe every one would contribute for this, no one would mind to hang an algae frames on the exterior walls of their home, considering a better future.With the help of designers looks can be improved as well.

With the help of some botanist an algae paint could be developed which serves as a paint on the walls for sometime and as they grow up they can be scrapped easily say after a certain period, under the influence of gravity.

The idea is detailed out in below url:


What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

You can have a check with Vertical gardening team:

with a similar prototype we can do with green algae and benefits will be more.

What are other key benefits?

Its been mentioned that algae captures more co2 than trees

  1. Algae can be used as fuel alternate energy source.
  2. Algae helps in reducing Co2
  3. Algae reduces pollution
  4. Cost of implementing the idea can be less as algae plays a vital role.
  5. With help of architects and advance nano composites this can be implemented in cities as well.
  6. It generates job opportunities as the algae sliders needs to be handled and scrapped periodically, a separate garbage collecting team is required to collect and treat them, and algae slider removing and fixing team is required to fix the sliders, apart from this algae sliders manufacturing team is required.
  7. Frames been used can be a stone or any irregular surface with a thin slice,with circulation of some saline water algae can be grown easily and quickly.
  8. Algal Farming
  9. Dessert to Fertile land using algae



What are the proposal’s costs?

  1. Cost of implementing the idea can be less as algae plays a vital role, in storing the carbon and absorbing the pollutants but the initial cost may be more as algae frames needs to manufactured and handled properly.
  2. Technical implementation may post a hurdle as the support of the government is required in implementing the rules.
  3. When the sunlight and illumination and saline water circulation is been done properly efficiency will be more.


Its been mentioned that green algae captures more co2 than trees

Green Algae have a lot of advantages, probably the transpiration of algae can be the key, in a small area they can provide better cooling efforts than planting the huge number of trees which will be a challenging issue, considering the future population, in this case, we can use them in vertical plantation with a thin layer of frames.This is a topic that needs some expert guidance. If we can modify their DNA along with other plants such as cactus, we can develop a different breed of Algae that can survive in arid conditions this is some what similar to new breeds of agricultural crops that survive against the insects/worms.

Probably the initial costs would be more, but there are lot of benefits while using green algae as mentioned above. More over the frame based plantation could be future for bringing a climate change and co2 absorption.

But in case a genetically modified algaes are prefered ensure that it is validated before being deployed to the city.

GMO Food chain horror  poses treats to ecosystem if not tested properly.

GMO Algae, may require some research and testing, but they will pay you back in terms of environment, energy. If it gets carried out by team of cities / or countries both money and env gets saved in time.

Time line

  1. This can be implemented in phases based on Area, where the pollution is more probably first in sites where Co2 emission is more. Then it can be implemented slowly in other places, bases on its response.
  2. The idea can be implemented in phases based on the type :
  •       Transport (There a large no of carrier trucks around the world)
  •       Industrial plant walls (Geometrically structured walls)
  •       Advertisement banner carvings.

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Thanks for your questions

For Judge 1

1. There are some research that says algae can absorb more co2 gas than tree,

"an algae lamp that absorbs CO2 in the air--at the rate of 1 ton PER YEAR, or what a tree absorbs over its entire lifetime!"

This should be true with all green algae! That is a huge amount, moreover algae are cheaper.
and they grow quickly, compared to other plants more over their size is an advantage, we can use them in walls, and even on the sides of container trucks where it doesn't become cumbersome.

Some more ref


Answers for Judge 1 cont...

2. Though the idea is yet to be implemented, the exact cooling capacity depends on the plants; probably some botanist researcher can provide an approx data. Or you can contact sustain verse team, my idea has lot of similarity with sustain verse, they have implemented some projects, on similar thoughts

3. The first priority is to target industries, based on their exhaust gas emissions, a rule should be brought that so many acres needs to be covered with algae frames, and the algae grown during a period of time, can be used to generate power, algae based fuels, can be the source of energy in future.Then targeting houses even if each house can have a algae based art rather than a canvas art it makes a difference. Please ref the answer given to Judge 2.

4. As i mentioned this idea is to be developed, but there is a team who can give this information

For Judge 2

yes i agree, why one would cover their house with algae! , but if we can have an engraved art out of an algae how would it look? we are showing the concern on the environment in arts form, it’s a new way of art, and it can generate job opportunity for many artist, they need to engrave the thin frame of stone, and let the algae grow on it. Think about the cumulative effect of such an algae frame in art form. In a locality!

The frames should look some what similar to this:

Algae Frame

Other References

  2. Co2 capturing technology by algae :
  6. Same idea shared in GPY2015 http://
  7. Advantage of Origin oil over fossil fuel
  8. Algal Farming: Barren land to fertile
  9. Dessert to Fertile
  10. Algae grown on metal surfaces:
  11. Plastic Algae Frames : as plastic greenhouse
  12. GMO
  13. We can handle their smelly with help of product EC-504