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Oliver Sellers-garcia

Jun 12, 2015


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Peter, Thanks for submitting a proposal that is in depth in both engineering and policy. We all look forward to reading. Thank you

Dan Whittet

Jul 13, 2015


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As a carpenter and a woodworker, as well as a hiker and admirer of trees for their beauty and utility, I have sometimes wished we would stop using trees for buildings, it seems to have encouraged the destruction of forests. Having said that, I support this proposal because think we can learn to re engineer and develop creative ways to use wood and grow trees and other organic building materials in a regenerative way. The ideal, for me, would be a future of forests that had been planned and integrated with our development in a sustainable way and a sustainable pace. This is a good concept and needs only to incorporate a full life cycle impact analysis that indicates a path to avoid resource depletion.