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The Loop Transit System by SomClimateAction

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Jamie Bemis

May 15, 2015


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Thank you for submitting your proposal! This is a wonderful idea and you present the information very well. We are happy to have you participate!

Michal Williams

May 15, 2015


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There's a system like this in Tel Aviv. Little vans that run regular routes, more expensive than buses, cheaper than taxis. I don't know whether they're private or public.

Stuart M Whitaker

Aug 3, 2015


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Congratulations on your selection! Please expand on how this differs from or is the same as common public transportation systems.

Mary Mangan

Aug 20, 2015


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I like this idea very much. There's such terrible service north<-->south across the city, and places I want to go are completely underserved by the MBTA currently. It would be much easier to shed the car if this included the grocery stores or other shopping centers that are car-based too.