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What Calories Can Do by Michal & Jim

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Michael Hayes

May 12, 2015


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Hi Michal, I'm glad you found value in the B Corp. Your gym energy conversion idea is great and I've ran across gyms that have used the idea to basically off-set most if not all of their energy bills. I would like to see energy converting sewage systems installed beneath the gym floor. Also, the gym roof would be a good place to grow aquaponic foods so that the users can basically have an overall healthy connection for both exercise and food. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Michael

Oliver Sellers-garcia

May 18, 2015


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Hi Michal, You put into words what I'm sure countless people on treadmills have wondered! It would be interesting to think how much human kinetic energy could impact a building's energy footprint. A little googling revealed this article: Any thoughts on how Somerville could do it differently or what would be valuable to do the same?