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Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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SUBJECT: Your proposal has been selected as a Semi-Finalist!

Congratulations! Your proposal, "CarbonGobbler - Engaging Citizens and Business in Lowering Carbon Emissions" in the Atypical Ideas for Carbon Neutrality contest, has been selected to advance to the Semi-Finalists round.

You will be able to revise your proposal and add new collaborators if you wish, from July 1st until July 16, 2015 at 23:59pm Eastern Time.

Judges' feedback are posted under the "Evaluation" tab of your proposal. Please incorporate this feedback in your revisions, or your proposal may not be advanced to the Finalists round. We ask you to also summarize the changes that you made in the comment section of the Evaluation tab.

At the revision deadline listed below, your proposal will be locked and considered in final form. The Judges will undergo another round of evaluation to ensure that Semi-Finalist proposals have addressed the feedback given, and select which proposals will continue to the Finalists round. Finalists are eligible for the contest’s Judges Choice award, as well as for public voting to select the contest’s Popular Choice award.

Thank you for your great work and again, congratulations!

2015 Climate CoLab Judges

This is an interesting way to motivate people--we have a very engaged community that likes to work together.

While the platform and idea is not unusual, this approach allows for a lot of creativity and novel in the programs and contests it supports. It’s there in the that it can impact carbon emission, creates awareness ad self promoting as well as deep citizen engagements. This idea is worth pursuing. Rather than just sell the product, I would have liked to have seen a creative contest be at the center of the proposal rather then the product.

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Sadiq Mohammed

Jul 7, 2015


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We would like to thank the Judges for our selection and the valuable suggestions on our proposal. We welcome the suggestions and will incorporate them in our revised proposal. We would like to reiterate that GreenHatters is a not for profit and our mission is to create awareness for carbon emissions responsibility and spur action. In this pursuit we need to generate revenues for funding our awareness initiatives. Since we do not seek any donations and funding for our efforts we need to generate our own funds. Our product CarbonGobbler is a tools to create action for reducing carbon emissions. It is always free for the individual and small business. We only require a fee from larger employers as there is much effort needed to store, consolidate and present data. Which can be used in sustainability reporting. We add value to all sustainability efforts. Thanks again for having taken the time to peruse our proposal and for our selection as semi-finalist. We look forward to working with Climate CoLab and the City of Somerville. We look forward to engaging citizens and business of Somerville and look forward to contributing our bit to reducing carbon emissions. sadiq

Sadiq Mohammed

Jul 13, 2015


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Dear Judges, We have completed incorporating your thoughts and suggestions into our proposal. Please do peruse. Please let us know if you will have any further thoughts and or questions We look forward to working with the City of Somerville. Regards Sadiq