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Jamie Bemis

Apr 8, 2015


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Hi Tim, Thanks for submitting your proposal, this is a great idea! Can you please answer the questions that are currently blank so we have more information on your vision for this idea? Also, I want to make sure you are aware of the City's Residential Energy Efficiency Program (more info can be found here: It would be great to tie your proposal into this existing program. Lastly, are you aware of any innovations in insulation that we should be aware of? And do you have any ideas on things we should include that are not part of a typical Mass Save program? I look forward to reading your revised proposal! Best, Jamie

Tim Mccormack

Apr 10, 2015


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I love Mass Save and the REEP, but I don't think it's aggressive enough -- and I don't think the incentives are in the right place for rental situations. (When tenants pay the utilities, why should the landlord even go to the trouble of insulating?) Without a cooperating landlord, tenants can at most replace a few light bulbs and power strips. I don't actually have time to complete or modify the proposal, unfortunately -- I'm hoping other people will jump in.

Hemant Wagh

Apr 17, 2015


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Sir, a related proposal includes a way to find money to provide cheap/free insulation to Somerville buildings. Kindly go through it and oblige. Thanks.

Jacob Robertson

Sep 23, 2019


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