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Gill Lake

Dec 2, 2015


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Every product made, has a barcode. This tracking can be used to charge up a deposit - depending on how biodegradable the item is (from a gum wrapper to locomotive). Priority given $ wise, to the most environmentally sound waste. People, encouraged this way, will pick it up, turn it in, and get that deposit. Every manufacturer on the globe - if they want to sell their product, could participate. How does this save the planet? Over time. Correct action , at the expense of those who profit, will have an effect. Children will become conditioned to do this by example. Positive example. This is the best I can do. Thank you. Gill J lake

Jerry Roane

Dec 2, 2015


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WaterBeads using TriTrack patents can move clean fresh water hundreds of miles from where it is unpolluted, down river to toxic flows in overly urban locations around the globe.  Using PV solar as its off-grid power it is built above ground at 3 mph making the clean water affordable for developing nations.    There is plenty of clean fresh water in the world but that water has to be moved great distances to the points of need.  Once the guideway is built to move water, passengers can share the infrastructure thus removing the pollution associated with car travel.   A pair of guideways moves 51.75 million gallons per day.  A passenger guideway moves 9,000 passengers per hour per direction making it far cheaper than building highways.  Just like the cell phones leapfrogged land lines guideway in developing nations will leapfrog building massive concrete highways.  High speed travel for the underdeveloped world will open up commerce leveling the playing field for goods created.  

Erich J. Knight

Dec 2, 2015


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Soil Biology is our only way to rapidly and massively draw down CO2 from the air to offset our ongoing and past carbon emissions, It Could safely and naturally restore the hydrological cycles by increasing biogenic aerosols and cloud albedo that could readily cool the planet by the 3 watts/m2 needed to offset the now locked in greenhouse warming effects and avoid the Storms of Our Grandchildren.

The French have lead the way recognizing Soil Carbons' value and committing to build Soil Carbon by 0.40%  annually.  Putting them on the road to Carbon Negativity before anyone else.

Patrick Sullivan

Dec 3, 2015


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 Creating Zero energy travel methods to transport water either using DronePods to eliminate tire and rubber waste or developing new LED technology that emits light and generates electricity and add it over solar panels to produce power cubes to power Cars. The Zero Energy Cars can transport water from the bottom of steams back to lakes without conduits, and also can collect water from 3D printed home water collectors transported to trains creating new man made lakes (West Coast Lake Erie) that can inter tie into aquifers in drought states.

Michael Hayes

Dec 11, 2015


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The link:

 Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape (A2R)

Is password protected.

Try this link which offers a number of related initiatives:

New International Initiatives Increase Resilience Protecting Millions of People

Jacob Hollander

Jan 5, 2016


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A community that can meet the challenge presented by Anthropogenic Climate Change is only as resilient and flexible and able to do so as it's members. To accelerate action on the ground we must work to build strong united communities that are equipped with the tools and knowledge to face these challenges and build and spend social capital both to improve local economies and have strong positive impact on the natural environment. I welcome anyone to join me in discussion or to collaborate with me here:

Jacob Hollander

Jan 5, 2016


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A community that can meet the challenge presented by Anthropogenic Climate Change is only as resilient and flexible and able to do so as it's members. To accelerate action on the ground we must work to build strong united communities that are equipped with the tools and knowledge to face these challenges and build and spend social capital both to improve local economies and have strong positive impact on the natural environment. I welcome anyone to join me in discussion or to collaborate with me here:

Johnnie Buttram

Jun 28, 2016


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While many of our  gifted and talented entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley seem to focus on space travel to places unknown . . fortunately . . many of these same resourceful entrepreneurs are also grounded in solving climate economical and humanitarian engineering issues within the world we live.

To help rectify the above situation . . today's climate researchers are extremely hopeful the collaboration between the UN and MIT will prioritize and promote  . . prudent climate engineering solutions Planet Earth desperately needs to promptly move forward if we are to survive.

Climate researchers on Planet Earth are reaching out to world leaders for open, honest , and transparent dialogue and direction based on a non-political agenda!

Sincerely, Johnnie Buttram 

Annalyn Bachmann

Sep 29, 2016


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Hello Climate CoLab community, 

This workspace has closed because Climate CoLab has launched a new A2R contest, Anticipating Climate Hazards! 

Proposals in this workspace were moved to the new contest: 

Please reach out to if you have any questions! 

Thank you, 

Annalyn Bachmann

Project Assistant with Climate CoLab

Tubelt Kadal

Oct 28, 2016


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Chiby Loupatty

Sep 17, 2018


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kunjungan yang sangat menarik dan bermanfaat rental mobil murah di jakarta barat

Kendall Rain

Sep 20, 2019


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