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Our idea is presented at the page open project for a global sharing green economy Every citizen can collaborate.



To fight the greenhouse effects, the priority emerged from the Climate Conference held in Paris in December 2015, is the rapid shift to electric mobility.

 The weak point that slows this step is the lack of infrastructures to support the shift to electric mobility. Infrastructures whose spread is a very long process, moreover hampered by the slow pace of political decisions, by the high costs and the global economic crisis.

Hence the project mission is to  facilitate the development of such infrastructures activating  a supporting network of charging points, self-managed through a geolocalized app which every citizen can participate in as a supplier (even with a simple electrical outlet) or as a driver of an electric vehicle. The app will present other services/products connected to the electric mobility area. 

An important contribution to the network will be given by: building Administrators, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, B&B, Hotels, Sport Facilities, Cinemas, Beauty Centers, Golf Clubs, Resorts, Garages, Repair shops and Workshops, Companies with driveways and parking spaces, Car sharing companies and other companies that can yield services and/or products during the charging time. 

The project’s strengths and innovative aspects are the substantial diversity compared to the current charging points apps and the "revolutionary" proposal to create a supportive charging network in which users themselves provide the energy source: each of us can be both PEOPLE and POWER. Moreover, value-added markets during the recharge time are forecast.

Many commercial channels will be used to enhance the app visibility: web, social networks, web (and not only) viral mechanisms: word of mouth, direct vision, visibility through the commercial realities associated with the PEOPLEHAVETHEPOWER service. 

This is a research project of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Milan.

The whole open project is described at

The idea is applicable worldwide. We prepared a complete business plan for Italy, but we are looking for partners interested in applying the idea in other countries.  The project can become a spin-of or a startup project. Please comment or contact us within CoLab  if you find our idea interesting !

Which proposals are included in your plan and how do they fit together?

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