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Miranda Thompson

Jan 18, 2016


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Great idea! So what legislative body would police the supermarkets? State EPA?

Clara Salina

Jan 19, 2016


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Hi! Thanks for you comment, I really appreciate it. 

In my opinion Ministry of Environment, it can work along with the ERP law, reaching this way the 100% of recollection. 

I saw you are a journalist, can you help me to promote it?

Clara Salina

Jan 19, 2016


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I published the very first article on on February 28, 2014.SWEEP-Net is the Regional Solid Waste Exchange of Information and Expertise Network that operate in Mashreq and Maghreb countries and in all the network’s member countries.On 2015, I was asked to write asecond article published on February 2nd 2015.Then, offered me an ideal platform to spread and promote it worldwide among stakeholders. So far today, in its different versions, BCvsPW has been visited almost 3500 times from more than 80 countries.

It has been recently introduced also to some important speakers at Our Ocean 2015 Conference in Valparaiso/Chile receiving warm appreciations.Nevertheless previously, Barcode v/s Plastic Waste has been read also by leading and prestigious experts in Europe and world wide.With the hope the idea could be included and discuss at by you and your colleagues, I mention the most important figures to whom it has been presented, such as:

At Our Ocean

Daniel B. Oerther - U.S. Department of State - Science and Technology Policy Adviser - Foreigner Affair 

Veronika Veits - European Commission Directorate-General for Maritime Affair and Fisheries - Head of Unit International affairs, law of the sea and regional fishery organization

Marco Ricci - Italian Embassy in Chile - Ambassador

Valery Hickey - The World Bank- Practice Manager - Environmental and Natural Resources Global Practice

Michael Riedijk - Oceanea Canada - President

Emily Woglom - Ocean Conservancy - Vice President, Conservation Policy and Programs

Andrew A. Griffin - South America Regional Office for Environment, Science, Technology and Health - Director

Ricardo Toledo - US Embassy in Peru - Environmental Specialist, Regional Environment Office South America Hub

Umi Muawanah - Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries - Researcher

Previous contacts, among them:

Anis Ismail - Sweep-Net - Senior CoordinatorHelmut Maurer - European Commission - DG Environment, A 2 waste managment and recycling José Luis Gutiérrez-García - Upcycle the Gyres Society, Project Director

Werner Boote - Award winning film director.
Jocelyn Blériot - Ellen MacArthur Foundation - Executive officer, Lead, Communications and Policy
Frank Griffin - SPREP PROE - Hazardous Waste Management Adviser

Piero Formica - Maynooth University - Senior Research Fellow

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