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Integrating the youth, professional and common people, into a forum to educate and facilitate with sustainable techniques and consultation.



The earth’s climate has changed from “greenhouse” to “ice house” in the history of earth. These climatic changes were responsible for extinction of various species in that period. But in the modern world slightest change in climate causes grave danger to the whole world as we know. Some of the reasons of climate change visible extensively in cities include the heat island effect, air pollution, greenhouse effect and rapid deforestation. India has the world’s largest youth population which is highly energetic, intelligent and enthusiastic people can be channelized towards control of climatic reformation.

The global climate change has been the great concern for the whole world since few decades. All the international and national initiatives have top down approach in which the public participation remains limited causing unawareness about the program. The bottom-up approach is necessary to stand against the climate change and implement the policies for the same at the individual and societal level for effective results.

Young generation could contribute significantly by following simple yet effective strategy.

·         Unite, aware, share the knowledge, innovate, plan and execute

·         Begin with a house node and target for countrywide programs

·         Bring out innovative and economic ideas through various competitions

In order to follow the above-mentioned plan, one common platform is required.

Youth Forum on Climate Change (YFCC) will be a common platform for all activities mention in the previous bullet and will work as an NGO in the country. Indian youth is the most significant number in the world. Once united for any noble cause, it becomes the most significant power and contributor in that direction. We need to organize this potential workforce.

Youth forum will be formed to help people, youth, observe & identify the planning faults in the city and complaint to the concerned office through the youth forum along with free consultation on sustainable techniques.  


Category of action

Youth Leadership on Climate Change

What actions do you propose?

Young generation could contribute significantly by following simple yet effective strategy. Following the steps to Unite, aware, share the knowledge, innovate, plan and execute. To begin with a house node and target for countrywide programs. Bring out innovative and economic ideas through various competitions.

Youth Forum on Climate Change (YFCC) will be a common platform for all activities mentioned. The objectives of the organization are the followings,

·         To spread the awareness about the benefits of controlling climate change among the general public of Republic of India.

·         To develop a forum of young people willing to communicate the benefits of controlling climate change to the public.

·         To establish the gamut of environmental knowledge management and thus transferring acquaintance from present scientific community to future generations within the country.

·         To develop a scaffold for the incorporation of a variety of disciplines and professions and motivate them to work towards the same objective as of the organization.

·         To design an easily comprehendible outreach approach specifically for the Indian forum.

·         To innovate novel techniques of communication in order to convey the advantages of green and climate friendly technology in the general publics’ day-to-day life.

·         To enhance publics’ understanding and to educate them about climate change and its effects.

·         To organize and hold a number of public events for the promotion of advantages of controlling climate change and related technologies.

·         To the scientific meetings and conferences of technical and scientific papers and reports.

·         To encourage the youth of India to controlling climate change so as to contribute to competent workforce development for this activity.

·         To prepare, develop and disseminate information on controlling climate change awareness through reports, journals, newsletters, pamphlets, flyers, posters, comics, videos, social networking websites, dramas, performing arts and other communication means and available technology appropriate to the modern forum of India.

·         To co-operate and establish the contact with government agencies, educational institutions, various industries and social organizations to work towards the similar goals.

·         To promote the advancement in controlling climate change through numerous types of competitions, awards and grants.

·         To engross in a variety of such other activities as it should be for the fulfillment of the objectives of the organization.  

The process to integrate youth in climate change policies and planning through Youth forum – 

·         Forum will have volunteer members from multidisciplinary area of expertise, students, businessmen, etc. to discuss, identify the problem, find its solutions, plan and make effective & practical policies to be implemented right away.

·         Forum will work in association with universities, industries, government agencies and other organizations.

·         Awareness workshops conducted by youth – for the people in the area to spread awareness regarding the reasons of climate change and its consequences on the people. The children can be approached by organizing workshops in the schools on climate change. This will help to spread the word to the whole family through the children.

·         New green material and technologies used in buildings construction – Informing the people, especially young, about the green materials and technologies available for construction of houses and conservation energy& water and use natural energy sources.

·         Give free consultancy to rural and urban individuals for their in-house climate control techniques and efficient designs in this direction. 

Who will take these actions?

To make this approach practical reality, an organization of experienced and dynamic young experts will be established and will work towards the public awareness and is accountable for the functioning of this approach to achieve the desired goals. It will consist of following members;


Everyone who has attained age of 18 years and are equal or younger than 35 years can join this forum. The membership of this kind will remain until the member attains the age of 35 years.


The Youth Members for not less than six months, who have attained the age of 36 years, will be regarded under this category. The membership of this kind will remain for the lifetime. 


These members will be from the various industries and sponsoring organizations and holding an influential position. The membership of this kind will be of contractual type. 

The administrative hierarchy is as follow;

A Board of Directors shall manage the YFCC under the laws under which it is incorporated. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the management of the activities through the office bearers and committees.

YFCC will work with two parallel wings for simultaneous planning and execution.

·         Research and advisory board (RAB) will have the members working in hierarchy for collecting the innovative and economic technology; and will prepare proper plan for its implementation on various scale. The members of this board will be the experts of their field willing to contribute towards controlling of climate change. They can be professors, researchers, journalists, doctors, industrialists, etc.

·         Executive committee (Execom) will take care of the execution and implementation of the programmes planned by the RAB. It will also maintain the day to day organizational activities. The members of this committee will be elected by the general body of the organization, which will be made of all the members of the forum.

What are other key benefits?

Integration of youth into a network connected globally sharing the ideas and expertise towards sustainability. An opportunity for the youth to contribute positively for the society.

Starting  with changing one single house and propagate similarly to make each and every single house a climate changing node globally.

Inviting research and innovations to replace the existing technology adding to the climate change with alternate sustainable options.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Since the organisation is Non-profit and involves volunteers the economic cost will be relatively low. the funds being considered forom the organisations working on the climate change, local government, other organisations, etc.

The only side effect of the proposal will be "more people will adopt sustainable living and that means they will avoid the existing technology in daily use".

Time line

This proposal cannot be achieved in a go and will require time for implementation and achieve its objectives.

(5-15 Years) The proposal (Youth Forum) is focused  for individual smaller regions initially like a city to start and active. Gradually to be interconnected in all the cities at national and global level.Helping the individual households in achieving sustainability. fazing outh the unsustainable technology at household level.

(15-50 years) The young students who get attached to the forum will be the future population equipped with the understanding and knowledge  of sustainability and working towards it sensibly. for the improvement of their societies.

(50-100 years) Continuing the tradition for the future generations.

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