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United Power

Jul 13, 2014


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Hi, it is a good one. However there are other similar proposals as well. For example, 'Youth Action for Climate Change Awareness, Education and Research' at talks about the establishing 'International Climate Change Research Institute'. May I suggest something- why don't you guys collaborate these two proposal. The proposal I have mentioned, also talks about a complete strategy to deal climate change. Please check the proposal. All the best,

Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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Dear Winners Team, Thank you very much for your proposal on the “Youth action on climate change” contest. Your proposal was among the 15 which the Fellows pre-selected for the Judges but unfortunately, it didn’t make it to the semi-finals. The ambition and originality of it were particularly appreciated by the Judges. They particularly liked the idea behind this problem, in the sense that many young people don't have access to recognisable qualifications in climate change-specific areas. However, they noted that setting up a university raised considerable challenges (location, funding, recruitment, etc.), even with online aspects. The proposal did not address these challenges thoroughly enough, nor did it demonstrate what it offers over and above what is already available through universities and MOOCs. The Judges all agreed on the potential of the idea, but it did not seem developed enough and they felt that the $10,000 Grand prize would not be best spent on “administrative, travel, and research expenses to write a project plan”. More should have been developed at this stage already. And one more small comment: The Fellows and Judges felt that using the abbreviation GUCI for the University might not be the best choice, as we had Thanks again for your contribution, and best of luck in participating in future CoLab contests or taking this idea to other avenues! Best, Antoine on behalf of the “Youth action” fellows