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To have children contribute to combating dangers to the environment, there should be a class in school about the topic.



My proposal is that children need to have a class about climate change and other dangers to the environment to educate them about the dangers and also do activities to show how to combat them. Current school systems don't teach much about dangers to the environment and do little to educate children on how to combat them, so there should be required elementary, junior high, and high school levels of dangers to the environment education to show what they are, how they affect the planet, and how to combat them, because you can't expect a large group of people who aren't educated in a topic to help get rid of an issue, as shown in current and past times.

Category of action

Youth Leadership on Climate Change

What actions do you propose?

The actions I am proposing are changes in education systems around the world to add a required class to school curriculums which would teach about how multiple dangers to the environment work, how they affect us, and how to fight them. The new class would also make students work on labs and projects to help fight certain dangers to the environment and have teachers encouraging students to join groups and projects directed at combating certain dangers to the environment.

Who will take these actions?

The people who will take these actions will be governments, their respective education branches, and hopefully some institutions and businesses to help build and fund this new class.

What are other key benefits?

Desirable outcomes would be increased awareness in the things that hurt the environment, declining destruction of the environment, a more educated generation of people, and the new generation of people being able to battle dangers to the environment with (hopefully) ease.

What are the proposal’s costs?

The economic costs would not be massive and would be easily reachable, and one negative side effect would be time would have to be taken out of school to battle dangers to the environment.

Time line

In short term (5 - 15 years) kids would be educated in what is hurting the environment, in medium term (15 - 50 years) those kids would be helping to battle these dangers and there would be quite the significant amount of awareness about them, in long term (50 - 100 years) some dangers to the environment will be no problem to humanity due to smarter people who will be able to perform smarter actions.

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