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Kimberly King

May 13, 2014


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Hi there. I would encourage you to research on this company, MBA Polymers. As you know, reason why we don't need more plastics is because the vast majority of plastics discarded in the USA still wind up in incinerators, landfills or, worse, the ocean. There is a way to reduce the plastics waste stream and turn it into high-quality plastic pellets, which in turn, can be used to make new products. [snip] Recycling plastics not only keeps waste out of landfills and oceans, but also reduces the need for petroleum-based feedstocks, requires 80% less energy than making plastic from oil and dramatically reduces carbon emissions...

Fliss Roberts

Jun 8, 2014


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There is also a active in 23 countries that is attempting to achieve this recycling model and eliminate the idea of waste. I'm sure they would be really happy to talk to you. Hope this is helpful :) Fliss

Abhik Tayal

Jun 18, 2014


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Hi The concerns raised by you are spot on. These wastes exist and there is no comprehensive mechanism to dispose/recycle these off whether plastic or e-waste. The organizations mentioned above are doing a great job in recycling multitudes of products in a single process. However, your proposal appears more to be a request than a action oriented document. And it is not clearly understandable what specific actions do you propose. Please update it to include more details. Cheers Abhik

Kimberly King

Jun 19, 2014


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Brian. I was hoping you would have completed adding content to your proposal. This concept, managing our waste streams better and repurposing waste is badly needed. I would like to see this project garner the attention of the judges. And because of this, you have my support. Best, Kimberly King, Renewable Energy Engineer

Mark Johnson

Jun 21, 2014


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Waste Management (WM) Inc. has been around a very long time. Review of one WM California customer's URL is insightful, as it avoids mention of the many plastic and other acronyms you cite in your project home page. I went to too which looked good. Fyi, I opened terracycle's "select your waste" link which took me to their search tool - I entered "plastics" and like WM, there were no plastics cited. Additionally, when looking at WM special services, there is likewise no direct correlation to the many toxic materials you cite. It does cite battery and bulb services though.

Agharese Lucia Ojelede

Jul 20, 2014


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Forespidy, You have a good proposal but more details need to be provided. You talked about various materials that are yet to be recycled but you need to be specific to target your proposal for particular locations that are not currently recycling these material. Also you wrote the proposal cost for implementation, this needs to be broken down to ensure that we know the actual cost of various aspect of this proposal. Finally, your proposal is still in the draft form and you have got a few hours to complete it. Kindly finalise ASAP. All the best. Regards, Arese

Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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Acobloom International

Nov 29, 2018


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