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Ujala Qadir

Jul 1, 2014


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Hi, On behalf of the Waste Management Climate Colab Fellows, I would like to thank you for your submission. A technical innovation such as this that could potentially reduce wasted energy could be an important industrial application. The fact that the technology results in savings for companies gives your idea strength. It would be great if you could further elaborate your proposal with more specific details. I'm also not sure if the Waste Management Contest is the best place for your proposal. Have you considered submitting to either the Industry or Energy Supply Contests? These may be a better fit. Nonetheless, as you further complete your proposal, you may choose to consider some of my questions and comments: 1. In the emission reductions you mention a target of 5-15 years? What do you mean by that, it is unclear? If you could indicate energy savings per year, or some other metric - this would help you to identify and quantify the amount of emissions that are avoided. 2. What kind of businesses or industrial processes would you target first. If you are specific, it would help to understand the business model and target client base. 3. You should be more specific about timelines and approach. How would you get this technology to market? Who would do it? How much would it cost? Do you need funding for R&D? Hope these questions are of some use while you develop your proposal further. Thanks again for your participation in the Climate Colab. Best, Ujala

Patrick Mcnulty

Jul 1, 2014


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Hi Ujala, Thanks for your interest in my proposal. Yes I have a similar idea in energy supply. I'll go back and refine the proposal a bit more to address the questions you raise...

Agharese Lucia Ojelede

Jul 22, 2014


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Hello, Interesting proposal. All the best. Arese

Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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We recommend the author submit this proposal to future Industry and Energy Supply contests.