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Ujala Qadir

Jul 1, 2014


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Hi, On behalf of the Climate Colab Waste Management Contest, I would like to thank you for submitting your proposal. You have an excellent idea, and with a strong approach and model. Particularly, I like your concept of piloting/testing within schools, and bringing in the private sector as partners with the school programs. This could be a very powerful tool, and I hope you succeed in taking the idea forward. I have two comments that I hope may be helpful in further development of your concept. 1. I would have like to learn more about the types of actions/categories of home-recycling that the App would deal with/track. This would also determine where the app could work. For example, if you want to target outside of America, in other developed countries, maybe recycling practices are different. Also, in developing countries you may find very different actions one can take to recycle. Thus, it would be good to get a general idea in your proposal about this aspect of the application. 2. Your proposal inspired me to do a quick google search on this and I found a few apps related to tracking recycling. I'm sure you have looked into these, but it would be good to know if you have done an analysis of how this app would compete and/or compare with existing apps. Are there lessons to be learned from the existing apps? Thanks again for your participation in Climate Colab, and good luck! Best Regards, Ujala

Agharese Lucia Ojelede

Jul 20, 2014


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Hello, Good improvement on tracking recycling behaviours but the challenge is it only targets a certain population (those that use social media and IT) Secondly the cost for the proposal should be broken down so the various aspect of the proposal are being covered not just for the development of the App but also campaigns and creating awareness to promote the idea. All the best! Arese

Michael Oluwaseun

Jul 20, 2014


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Many thanks Ujala. This App is basically focused on motivation and I think both developing and developed cities around the world could tap into it. I am particularly looking at actions such as recycling plastic bottles, clothing, and electronic gadgets. Imagine if one household could recycle 1M plastic bottles in just a year for instance, this might serve as a motivation for another household to want to do the same. Just like when you and your friends are involved in a particular game. Everyone would want to get to a particular milestone to inspire others. So as one gets more users and communities hooked on the App the data will flow. Recognition for Green efforts and a direct link to the benefit achieved will be powerful motivators to participation. Getting the sponsorship of schools in their hobby clubs and sponsored drives by Corporate CSR programs will boost this concept. It can work through social media . Forming clubs and having joint activities should make it a fun experience. Though I have also made my research and there are a lot of apps out there. However, this will be different in the sense that we want to give people a push, we want communities to work together. By visualizing the recycling rate of your household, showing your households positive impact, and then rewarding better recycling habits with status achievements while showing your households rank against your neighbors, homecycle will motivate individuals to work together with their household members to recycle more through pledges to take actions. But those motivations only go so far. When you start show households where they rank compared to their neighbors on a leaderboard, there's now social pressure to rank higher, and a personal desire to improve your status, which motivates the household to recycle more. When you can see that your neighbors are recycling more than you and getting achievements that you don't have yet, it encourages you to recycle more. What's more, by layering in monthly giveaways at a neighborhood level, it introduces friendly competition between neighbors to recycle even more. Homecycle will also work to provide tips and ideas that make it easy to introduce new practices into your home recycling routine as well. The third level of motivation to recycle more at home expands to the level of neighborhood, where you start to understand that working with your neighbors to encourage each other all to recycle more yields the greatest incentive, rewards that actually improve the neighborhood for everyone, by providing sponsored civic improvements like tree planting in your neighborhood that benefits everyone by making your neighborhood more livable and improving your neighborhoods reputation.

Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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Thank you for submitting a proposal to the Climate CoLab. We think this is a very strong and compelling proposal. For your revisions, please provide much more detail on your pilot program, specifically about the initial pilot project and its location. We appreciated your discussion of schools, so for example, you could start with one district in the United States, call it Schoolcycler-App and create a competition between all of the individual schools.

Hemant Wagh

Sep 5, 2014


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If you could consider requesting your future clients to store throughout the year the seeds of fruits they eat at home and spread those seeds, after commencement of Mansoon, the rainy season, on to unused land in & around the city, town, village, as an activity that would help improve green cover! Rather than wasting the fruit seeds by letting decay, this would help grow fruit-bearing trees as well. Following is a link to such a proposal.

Climate Colab

Sep 12, 2014


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We have made great headway toward zero waste in the United States, but have great trouble going the last mile. This simple and easy-to-use tool offers a fresh approach that could push us to the top. Good luck in the voting period!