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Ujala Qadir

Jul 1, 2014


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Hi, Thank you for submitting this proposal. It is a far-reaching and ambitious concept. My comments are similar to those that I mentioned on the other proposal that you have submitted under this contest. Contest judges, investors, or others that you approach will require further details, especially from an operational perspective. Who will be your target client base, what will your project actually do with any investment or funds that are made available? Are you seeking to develop the product/system, test the product/system, marketing, etc. Best of luck in further developing your proposal. Regards, Ujala

Patrick Mcnulty

Jul 1, 2014


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Hi Ujala, thanks for your interest. Updated the proposal a bit they can only operate in deep Western boundary currents as mentioned in the proposal... Actually the target client base would be companies that want to provide the cleanest electrical power in the world that would emit 99.9% less GHG's that current companies emit. Any investment funds would go to building a few working prototype models. I plan on using profits from those to to build others and phase out fossil fuel GHG's... Perhaps government grants and investors can get me started.

Agharese Lucia Ojelede

Jul 22, 2014


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Hello, There is need for further information showing breakdown of the cost. This should help reviewers have an idea of the proposal cost based on the stages. All the best! Arese

Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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