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Agharese Lucia Ojelede

Jun 14, 2014


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Knobren, I am assuming, you are yet to complete this proposal because you need lot more research and feasibility studies to come up with a viable proposal. Waste collection and management is a very viable sector and in most countries especially in developing countries, there is a need for more waste collecting and waste contractors so the issue of redundancy does not arise rather there is a need for more contractors due to the high volume of waste generation. So be more specific of the areas where these redundancy applies so your proposal can be reviewed accordingly. I hope this helps. Thank you. Arese

Abhik Tayal

Jun 18, 2014


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I agree with Arese above regarding the proposal completion. Also what you suggest requires government to own/intervene in the process which may not be logical as it may kill free market capitalism. However, there is merit in the redundancy part where a particular site is being visited twice thrice for a single product. Regards Abhik

Sardar Mohazzam

Jun 20, 2014


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Hello - More specifically, I think you are talking about two models. a. Compete in the Market b. Compete for the Market You are right about the switching the model from a. to model b. However, this is an issue of scalability (economies of scale). Looking forward that how you will develop your idea further. Best, Mohazzam

Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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