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Ingrid Akerlind

Apr 11, 2014


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Vankent, 2 proposals - you're in it to win it! Seriously, thank you for submitting proposals twice. The issues we pointed out on your other proposal hold true here too. You explain why we need to act well, and what is necessary - financing to cross the bridge of death. But you don't say that a U.S. agencies should take action, or explain what action it should take. This is what you have to do to fit within the contest prompt - and will make sure the Judges review the entry. The proposal points out green bonds as something that needs to happen - there might be an idea in there, or in the green infrastructure financing or green banks you propose. We think you should definitely explore this idea further. We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Let us know if you have more questions. Good luck! Fellows

Climate Rescue

May 22, 2014


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Hi Vantte Appreciate all the dedicated effort and the BlindSpot references :-) Great to get system change in there! Could this be defined more and tied into the substance of the proposal more? Is it Green Bonds for System Change? Perhaps good also to connect more your themes of impacts info and system change? At least to mention that impacts: 1. are an outcome of the deep global system complexity and not wholly trackable or predictable even with crowds. 2. respond to the state of the system, not the various interventions that have been tried to date. So we need to focus on interventions that change the state of the system; ie not just climate actions. Could the length of general discussion be trimmed to focus readers toward the proposed actions? Looking forward to seeing it evolve! Thanks! James

Andrea Ruotolo

Jun 27, 2014


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First of all, thank you so much for sharing your ideas with Third Way and the Climate CoLab. We’re really excited to see what great things can happen with these proposals. The two fellows, Ingrid and I, wanted to give each team some constructive feedback while there are still several weeks before the proposal deadlines. These are not official critiques from the judges. Rather, they are intended to help you identify the areas in which your proposals can improve so the judges are likelier to pass you on to the final round. Good luck during the next three weeks! Relevance: • You mention different federal organization. I would encourage you to expound upon what exactly each organization should do in order to help the initiative of Green Impact bonds. • Specifying the federal agencies and explaining what they will do will strengthen the proposal. • Moreover, it is not clear who the owner of the initiative “Green Impact Bonds” would be. Feasibility • This is a very ambitious proposal that involves new ways of using data and evaluating that data. You yourself acknowledge these challenges, so focusing more on how different smart steps can address those challenges will strengthen the proposal. • Moreover, the proposal would be more clear if you can explain more on the model to evaluate impact. Originality/novelty • This is an original solution Likely impact on climate change • I would like to see a more explicit link between the green impact bonds and CO2 emission reductions. Could you provide with some specific example? If you can quantify an effect, that would be even better. Presentation quality • Adding a bit more explanation to several questions will strengthen the proposal.

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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This is a very appealing germ of an idea. However, the judges that the proposal was unclear and insufficiently argued - and as such we cannot advance it as a semi-finalist. We think the author is advocating for an informal advisory application with a typical evaluation program for a new bond program opportunity. In addition, we are not sure what the role for government is. After reworking, we think that the author could benefit from resubmitting this idea (perhaps in a different contest, even) with a strong eye on editing it down to its most basic arguments and being far more articulate about what this idea is and who this idea is intended to reach. What's the connection between the app and the bonds? What is the CIO supposed to do? We need more details and less big-picture stuff. With a clear intended impact and pathway to success, the germ of an idea could be very powerful. significantly to have a clear set of actions the government should take and impacts it would have...