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Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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We really wish you had finished your proposal, because it had the start of several good ideas for what the government can do to mitigate climate change. In the end, we decided not to advance it to the semifinalist round for two reasons: First, several of the sections were not complete, and had they been more complete we would have had a stronger understanding of what outcome your proposal was trying to achieve. This made the effectiveness of your proposal unclear. Second, we weren't sure exactly what the new climate change agency would do. You mention several potential examples: a Manhattan project, identifying investment areas, identifying a need for simulations, or creating a Climate Bond program. We felt it wasn't feasible for the government to form an agency without a clear mission. This made the workability of your proposal unclear. We encourage you to continue working on this idea and refining the mission of your proposed agency and the outcomes it will seek to achieve. Please then resubmit it to another Climate CoLab contest.