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Ingrid Akerlind

May 5, 2014


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Grace, Welcome to the U.S. Federal Agencies contest. We're glad to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your idea! Just to let you know, Andrea and myself will be providing mid-contest feedback in June. Good luck! Ingrid and Andrea

Andrea Ruotolo

Jun 27, 2014


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First of all, thank you so much for sharing your ideas with Third Way and the Climate CoLab. We’re really excited to see what great things can happen with these proposals. The two fellows, Ingrid and I, wanted to give each team some constructive feedback while there are still several weeks before the proposal deadlines. These are not official critiques from the judges. Rather, they are intended to help you identify the areas in which your proposals can improve so the judges are likelier to pass you on to the final round. Good luck during the next three weeks! Relevance: • You mention that federal agencies would take charge of the program. I would encourage you to expound upon which federal agencies and what each organization should do to help achieve the goal of the proposal. • I would rephrase the “other benefits” section to make a better connection between the goal of your proposal and climate change adaptation or mitigation. Feasibility • This is a very interesting and challenging proposal that involves actions to adapt to climate change effects. You yourself acknowledge these challenges, so focusing more on which are the different steps to address those challenges and how to implement them will strengthen the proposal. • Moreover, the proposal would be more clear if you can explain more on the model to achieve the goals of the proposal. Likely impact on climate change • I would like to see a more explicit link between the proposal and climate change adaptation measures. Could you provide with some specific example? Presentation quality • Adding a bit more explanation to several questions will strengthen the proposal. • Adding more information in the different sections and references would make the proposal better.

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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We really liked the idea of providing everybody with a three-day emergency kit. It's an imaginative and novel solution to how government can help citizens adapt to climate change. Unfortunately, this contest asked for ways to mitigate climate change. We encourage you to keep this idea fresh and submit it to another CoLab contest whose topic is closer aligned with helping communities prepare for the impacts of climate change. It's an idea that is worthy of implementation.