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FLO software that gives any organization the tools they need to communicate, coordinate and collaborate with each other.



NYC:Prepared is a coalition of technologists and local leaders working together to co-create a world-class disaster relief and community resilience software solution for New York City.  All of our software is free/libre/open-source, and our techniques are documented and freely available online.  This "copy left" approach enables any community in the world to deploy our tools and utilize our techniques without any restrictions or fees.

Our project began after Superstorm Sandy and was inspired by the massive information management challenges faced by individuals and groups that engaged in response and recovery efforts.  Even though NYC is a large and well resources city, it's government agencies, nonprofit organizations and community groups didn't have access to the tools they needed to collect, analyze and share information to support effective decision making and channel resources efficiently.

After a year and a half working with relief groups and coalitions in the NYC area, we have identified software tools and data sets government agencies, nonprofit organizations and community groups need to effectively manage emergencies, large and small.

First, every organization should have their own modern website that outputs news (RSS) and events (iCAL) feeds, process donations and generate forms.

Second, all organizations should have access to a set of software tools:

  • resource management: manage and share their organizations basic information, contacts, services, facilities, inventory (ex. tarps) and assets (ex. vans).
  • knowledge management: a semantic wiki that manage unstructured and highly structured data, especially tutorials.
  • data management: a data repository where groups can access commonly needed datasets such as elevations, governmental boundaries and important points of interest, catalog datasets and share it between organizations or with the general public.

We're creating a free/libre/open source technology and knowledge "commons" that meets all these needs.

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