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Laur Hesse Fisher

Jul 23, 2014


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This proposal was moved from the 'Shifting Behavior' contest to the 'Urban Resilience' contest.

Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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In general, the judges would like to see the following items clarified, or further developed: 1) It is unclear how this proposal is linked with existing initiatives in NYC - how is this proposal unique? 2) Suggesting that legislators are engaged is not enough - Be specific about how you propose to engage both public opinion and politicians. Judges comments: "Interesting idea but not completely novel. Seems already in motion and integrated into NY Planning and ongoing actions. Would be challenging and relies on vast number of actors to be involved. Seems like something that needs to be driven by decision and policy-makers.Is this a private company? what is the benefit to them?" "The cost section of the proposal is a repeat (in error) of the previous section, so costs are not included. Many of the ideas are good and important, although not enormously novel. Many climate change-related tax ideas have struggled to gain wide acceptance in the USA. The idea of climate adaptation plans is widely accepted, and many communities around the world are trying to do this. Rockefeller Foundation has been instrumental, for example. The CRIS and CRIT programs proposed here are in large part government outreach projects. Although the proposal justifies these programs adequately, little is said about how an outreach and advocacy program will be pursued. New York State is doing this (more or less) — how will this be carried to other places? The proposal is largely silent on this key action. A worthy idea. But how will this proposal carry it forward?"

Victor Blanco

Aug 26, 2014


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I wish you the best! Please, check my proposal in Waste Management Contest, named "REACC: Recycled Debris for Adaptation to Climate Change"; and I would apreciate your support as I supported your proposal.

Climate Colab

Sep 3, 2014


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This is an interesting idea. Although it seems to have a large energy focus is somewhat centered on resilience. Such a fund would have a large impact. But taxes are difficult political topics in the US, and even credits, even with ground up support. The scope of the project is enormous. A pilot project might have helped in showing how the prize would be important for this idea.