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Shawn Hesse

May 4, 2014


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Thanks for your proposal; this is a good start, but needs more information. Here are my thoughts for ways you might develop it further; 1) Consider the size of communities this proposal would work for (large or small cities in developed or developing economies) and ways the proposal could be tailored for different situations. 2) Clarify what sets the "Virtual Farmers Market" apart from existing home food delivery and CSA programs - can you provide screen shots of the interface? Thanks again for the proposal, and good luck!

Vishal Bhavsar

May 10, 2014


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Thanks for the proposal. This is wonderful concept to deal with urban needs of food and connecting it to market. Urban-rural linkage are key to solving growing needs of Urban area without creating additonal pressure on the infrastructure and environment. You could look at expanding the coverage to urban farming and integrate the concept into your proposal. Keep working and All the Best!

Maryette Haggerty Perrault

May 17, 2014


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Very valid concept HARVEST2go! I am also interested in hearing more about how this proposal differs or works collaboratively with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. Since you mentioned food waste in your proposal, it would be interesting to see if you could work composting into the mix. Offering Virtual Farmers Market participants in the city the opportunity to collect their food waste and send the compost back to the farm could be mutually beneficial. I look forward to your expanded proposal!

Tomas Brage

May 27, 2014


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Thanks for your proposal! Resources supply and waste management are key issues for urban sustainability. I would invite you to try and bring your idea to the scenario of climate change and explain how your project would actually enhance the adaptive capacity of dwellers of urban areas in general, or any in particular. I am looking forward to seeing how you develope your idea.!

Mukesh Gupta

Jun 18, 2014


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thanks for the proposal! Two things pop up in my mind as you develop the proposal further: 1) what are the limitations of your virtual farmers market with respect to why it is not already happening in large scale, and ii) what would be the consequences of this prospectus to the climate change opposed to the existing practices of distribution. Look forward to see the expanded version of your proposal. Best

Abigail Derby Lewis

Jun 19, 2014


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Thanks for your proposal! I am very intrigued by this concept. I am also interested, as previous comments indicated, how this approach might differ or perhaps even augment, the CSA system in many urban centers. Identifying the cultural context of how and why local ag is valued and used in different urban regions will be key- as this differs in different geographic regions. Best of luck!

Nancy Cruz

Jun 19, 2014


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Great topic! It could be valuable to further discuss current societal paradigms/attitudes that hinder large scale adoption of the local food movement. This idea certainly is not a new one and years later, communities are still trying to make it work. Why hasn't it worked thus far and how is this idea any better?

Carolina Collaro

Jun 20, 2014


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Hi, it is a proposal that stands out from the others, as it is very targeted and practice. You should strengthen this aspect, proposing a system of communication between the families and the distributors, which could happen for example through the computer. In the U.S., there is already fast-food where helping with food-images, you are able to order what you want to eat. It might be an idea to export that,even at home. From your personal computer you order, aided by the pictures, the products that you will consume at the table. The economic part of your proposition could be developed with alternative methods to those monetary ones, and therefore valid but depending on certain qualitative characteristics of the community to which it is addressed.

Fahim Hassan

Jul 18, 2014


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Interesting proposal but needs more information. In Edmonton, we can order a "green" box which is basically a box of organic food from an eco-friendly farm. It is getting very popular over time.

Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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This proposal lacks key details about how the virtual farmers market would be implemented to improve resilience.